Youtube SEO Guide; How to Optimize Your Youtube Channel?

Youtube is a video content site launched in 2005. This site, which has been used by many since its first launch, was purchased by Google in 2006. Over the years, Youtube Seo has started to take an important place in our lives.

After Google bought Youtube, it started to invest in this platform and youtube is now one of the most popular social media platforms of today. In a day, millions of people do research on the video content they want to watch and learn on YouTube, and after the relevant searches, people watch the prominent content on Youtube and if they like it, they subscribe to receive news from the relevant youtube channel.

One of the questions that people who produce content on Youtube and want to earn money from Youtube are looking for answers is the question of how do I highlight my Youtube videos. Because the more YouTube videos come to the fore, the more people they will reach will increase. Another element that is as important as content quality in order to highlight the shares of channel owners is Youtube Seo strategies.

People who do SEO work on Youtube can highlight their videos more easily, thus increasing the number of youtube views. The Youtube SEO Guide we have prepared for people who share or want to share videos on Youtube; In this article called How to Optimize Your Youtube Channel, we will give you information about Youtube seo studies.

Youtube Seo is the name given to optimization studies that make your videos on Youtube appear in the first place in youtube search results.

Thanks to Youtube Seo efforts, people and businesses that share videos on Youtube can reach more people in search results, and they can increase the number of videos and subscribers more easily.

There are many important points that people and businesses that will do Youtube Seo studies should pay attention to.

  • Keywords
  • Video quality
  • Video name
  • Video title
  • Thumbnails
  • Video description
  • Hashtags
  • Labels
  • Video category

They are the most important factors affecting Youtube seo rankings. However, other important factors that will help increase your Youtube rankings are using subtitles and adding your videos to playlists. Thus, it is possible to organize the videos on your channel in a way that search engines can understand and increase your youtube seo rankings.

If you want to do Youtube Seo studies, one of the first things you should pay attention to is your keywords. Because all of the people who perform a search on Youtube generally perform their searches using keywords. This makes keywords very important for people who share videos on Youtube.

That’s why you need to do keyword research before writing and sharing your Youtube content. People who will usually do keyword analysis;

  • Keyword Tool
  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • Youtube Analytics
  • Keyword Tool Dominator
  • Kparser
  • Keyword Keg

It uses youtube seo tools and reaches the right keywords for video content. Before you prepare your Youtube video content, you should research the keywords related to the subject of your content by using these tools and include the keywords you have reached both in your video content and in your video descriptions.

  • When doing YouTube keyword research, you should be careful not to choose only keywords with high search volume. Along with keywords with high search volume, you should also take care to use keywords with low search volume in your video.
  • When choosing YouTube keywords, you should take care to use long-tail keywords along with short-tail keywords.

Considering these, you can do your keyword research for Youtube more easily and strengthen your youtube seo strategies by choosing the right keywords.

If you want to shoot videos for Youtube and generate income, one of the factors you need to pay attention to is video quality. Because generally, people who watch videos want to watch videos that are shot in good quality and have no resolution problems. Videos taken in a poor quality do not receive views and negatively affect the SEO work of your channel.

Because when search bots are faced with poor quality videos, they bring other videos related to the video topic to the fore and put your videos in the background. This negatively affects your youtube seo work. If you want to protect your youtube organic rankings and want your videos to be watched more, you should pay attention to your video quality.

Another issue that people who will do youtube seo studies should pay attention to is the video name they will use when uploading videos to youtube. When uploading your video, it is very important that you upload a video to youtube with an understandable name. Thus, you can do seo work correctly that will increase the ranking of the videos you upload to your channel.

When naming youtube video names, you can specify a name such as e-commerce-sales-increase, which gives information about the subject of your video, instead of a name such as e-commerce-video-2002, and you can make your video crawl more easily by bots and thus increase your youtube seo ranks.

Youtube video title is also one of the important elements in seo studies. For this reason, it is very important for people who will produce content on youtube to choose the right titles. People who say how Youtube video title should be should consider the following when determining video titles;

  • It is very important to use keyword analysis tools such as Ahrefs, SemRush, Keywordtool.IO when choosing your video title. So you can get information about the keywords you can use in your youtube video title.
  • When determining your Youtube video title, you should consider your target audience and take care to choose suitable titles for your target audience.

Considering these, you can determine your Youtube video title and do correct Youtube seo studies.

Another important issue in Youtube seo techniques is thumbnails. Because as people who want to watch the videos on your channel, they examine the thumbnails and prefer to watch your video when they come across an interesting picture. How much your video is watched is one of the important factors that affect your seo rankings.

For this reason, people who will share videos on youtube should prepare youtube thumbnails images professionally. Usually, many channel owners use professional design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Canva and Adobe Light Room to prepare youtube thumbnails images. You can also design thumbnails using these tools and strengthen your Youtube seo strategies by creating professional images.

One of the issues that channel owners who will do Youtube Seo studies should pay attention to is Youtube Video explanations. Because the video descriptions in youtube seo strategies will make your videos stand out more. When writing your video descriptions;

First, you need to do keyword analysis. When choosing your keywords, it is very important to use long-tail keywords along with short-tail keywords.
In keyword selection, only keywords with high search volume should not be selected. In addition to these, it is also necessary to choose keywords with low search volume.

You can choose your keywords with these in mind. While creating your Youtube video descriptions with your keywords, you can improve your seo strategy and make your content more prominent by creating fluent and intriguing video descriptions that inform the user.

One of the issues that people who want to get more views on Youtube should pay attention to is the hashtags that should be used in video descriptions. Today, many people want to get information about the topics they are researching by following the hashtags on certain topics.

For this reason, it is very important to use informative hashtags about the subject of your video when writing a youtube video description. But you need to be careful when choosing your hashtags. Before deciding on the hashtags you will choose, you can review the hashtag analysis tools so that you can choose the right hashtag. With the right hashtags, you can ensure that people who search for hashtags on youtube can see and watch your videos.

Another important issue for Youtube SEO work is video tags. The tags you add to the Tags field during Youtube video uploading processes have an effect that will both ensure your videos are displayed and increase their seo rankings.

That’s why you need to set your video tags correctly. Before determining Youtube video tags, you can use analysis tools such as Keywordtool.IO to examine which keywords related to the content of your video were searched on Youtube. By adding these tags to your video, you can strengthen your Youtube seo strategies and increase your rankings.

While uploading videos to Youtube, there are many categories where you can add your videos.

  • Film and Animation
  • Cars and Vehicles
  • Music
  • Pets and Wild Animals
  • Sport
  • Excursions and Events
  • The game
  • Contacts and Blogs
  • Comedy
  • Fun
  • News and Politics
  • Practical Knowledge and Style
  • Education
  • Science and technology

They are known as categories that you can use when uploading videos to Youtube. In order to develop Youtube seo strategies, it is very important to choose a relevant category according to the subject of the video you will upload. By choosing the right Video Category, you can rank your videos higher in the relevant category searches. Thus, you can get more views of your videos, attract subscribers to your channel and be successful on Youtube.

Another important point in Youtube SEO Strategies is subtitles. It is very important for people who will upload videos to Youtube to add subtitles with .SRT extension to their videos to strengthen their seo strategies.

Thanks to the process of adding Youtube Video Subtitles, it is possible to highlight your videos and improve youtube rankings. You can add Youtube subtitles from the subtitles section of your video, and if you want, you can add subtitles in any language such as German, English and French.

If you are shooting videos on specific topics for Youtube, creating playlists for your videos will help you strengthen your seo strategies.

E.g; Let’s say you are one of the youtube channels related to fortnite game.

  • What is fortnite game?
  • How to play fortnite game
  • Requirements to set up an
  • Fortnite game site
  • Fortnite game marketplaces

You can make users see more of your content by adding videos on topics such as Youtube Playlists. Thus, you can strengthen your channel’s Seo Strategies and make your videos stand out.

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