What is the Telegram? How to use for live stream?

There are many applications used to maintain communication and messaging between people. The use of Telegram, which is among the most well-known messaging applications by everyone, is increasing day by day. We are talking about What is the telegram? How to use for live stream? 

Telegram is a messaging program equipped with many features for both individuals and brands, and it is possible to say that Telegram has many advantages, especially when used by brands.

Telegram, an instant messaging application released by Russian Programmer Pavel Durov in 2013, is a messaging application that can be used on both mobile platforms and web versions.

Telegram, which can be used on IOS, MacOS, Android, Microsoft and Telegram web, also has features such as calling, video calling and group calls apart from its messaging feature. What is the telegram? How to use for live stream? 

After the arrangements made in instant messaging applications, the question of whether it is reliable or not for many messaging programs started to bother everyone. People who wonder if Telegram is safe are also looking for an answer to the question of whether Telegram is safe. For this reason, in this section of our article, we will answer the question of whether Telegram is safe.

For those wondering if Telegram is safe, the biggest answer is that this application is safe. Because chats over Telegram have end-to-end encryption, but one of the most important things to say about this is that Telegram only has this feature in secret chats. In short, if you are having regular chats on Telegram, you should know that these chats are not end-to-end encrypted.

However, many software developers make statements that people should not be in doubt. Because there are no security holes in the MTProto encryption used in the chat feature in Telegram, which shows that Telegram is a reliable chat program according to expert opinions. What is the telegram? How to use for live stream?

One of the first questions that come to mind of many people who want to use Telegram in their messaging and calls is How to Download Telegram. People who want to use Telegram can use this application by downloading it to their devices such as phones, tablets and computers, or they can only use telegram on the web. To download Telegram to your Phone or Tablet;

  • First, you need to log in to the App Store or Play Store. If you do not have an account in these applications, it is very important to open a user account.
  • One of the second things that people who enter the application markets should do is to type telegram in the search bar at the top and search.
  • After the relevant search, the application markets will find the telegram application for you. After that, you need to press the download button on the side and if you have set a password for downloads, you must enter it.
  • Then Telegram will download to your phone or tablet. When you enter the application for Telegram installation, you will be asked for information such as phone number, profile picture, username, verification code.

After you write this information to Telegram Account Opening will take place. After Telegram is opened, you can contact your friends in the application, join local and global groups, and subscribe to channels created on topics that interest you.

Using Telegram has many advantages for streamers who live stream. In this section of our article, Using Telegram and Its Benefits for Live Streaming, we will inform you about the advantages Telegram provides for live streamers.

The majority of live streamers also stream via mobile apps. Today, it is possible to say that many live streamers make most of their announcements from chat programs such as whatsapp and telegram.

Many users to watch live streamers often switch to messaging programs to get in touch.

Live streamers using Telegram allow their customers to share information from a secure environment, thanks to Telegram’s high security measures and end-to-end encryption. This ensures that the viewers of the live stream protect their information and prevent the information from being leaked.

Followers often want to communicate with live streamers, and the topics that viewers often interact with are;

  • Getting Information About Live Streaming
  • Content of the Live Stream
  • Time of the Live Stream

Such are the topics. Thanks to the bot feature in Telegram, live streamers can create automatic replies for certain messages.

E.g; a viewer “what time is the live stream?” When he receives a message that says, “Our live streaming time is …..”, the viewers can automatically send messages.

Thanks to the Telegram Bot Feature, live streamers can both communicate with their viewers quickly and get tired less by keeping their follower relations tight.

Live streamers need to regularly organize campaigns and raffles in order to increase their followers, reach their target audience and increase the awareness of their channels.

Thanks to promotional activities, there are two features that live streamers using telegram can use to announce their campaigns.

  • Telegram Channel
  • Telegram Groups

By opening a channel it is possible for live streamers to promote their campaigns. Live streamers can inform their followers about their live streams, promote their campaigns, and thus increase the number of views.

Telegram Groups, on the other hand, can be set as groups that can be messaged or not, according to the approval of the administrators or the way of setting up the group. Live streamers can increase their visitor numbers and conversion rates quickly.

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