What is the Facebook Conversions API

Facebook Conversions API is an application developed by Facebook that allows marketing businesses to optimize their ad targeting with their data and help them reduce costs with optimization.

The Facebook Conversions API is used by individuals and institutions that sell products on the internet with e-commerce or who want to highlight their brands with Facebook or Instagram ads. In short, this feature is designed for businesses engaged in digital marketing activities.

In this article called Facebook Conversions API (Facebook API), we will tell you important information about Facebook API. You can also review our article and learn about this feature of Facebook. Thus, you can reduce your digital marketing costs and get more efficiency from your ads.

Conversions API, developed by Facebook, is a new conversion integration designed to fix the problems experienced in the cookie-based tracking system in Facebook Pixel Integration after the IOS 14.5 update.

The Facebook Pixel code is a piece of JavaScript code that allows your visitors to understand what they are doing on your site and helps you measure the effectiveness of your ads.

Thanks to the Facebook Pixel code;

  • Your ads are shown to the right people in your target audience.
  • It is easier for your site to reach potential customers.
  • Advertising results can be measured more easily.
  • E-commerce companies increase their sales more easily.

It is very important for businesses that want to take advantage of such advantages to use the Facebook Pixel Code and the Facebook CAPI code together with this code. Thanks to Facebook Pixel and Facebook CAPI, businesses can get more efficiency from their ads.

Facebook Conversions API enables businesses to take advantage of their advertising and marketing applications on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

  • Start-up operation of the Transformations API facilities is available.
  • With these features, businesses can optimize their ads more easily.
  • With the Conversions API, brands can measure more easily than advertising and marketing.
  • Enabling businesses to enable data control with the Facebook Pixel welcome conversions API.
  • From a Conversions API perspective, Facebook Pixel suffers little from bugs and connectivity issues.
  • With the Facebook Pixel, they can be afforded, says its AP, that you might be less affected by its ad-blocking programs.
  • The Conversions API provides the possibilities of more reliable connections.
  • Conversions APIs provide you with the opportunity of optimizing facebook advertising in an easier way.

We get the possibility of optimizing your ads by performing data checks in Facebook Conversions API application applications. Visual brands provide more benefits and reduce costs from digital marketing and advertising.

Facebook Conversions API, e-commerce and businesses selling products and services on the internet;

  • Getting information about its visitors,
  • Focused targeting,
  • To carry out high-performance advertising works,
  • Gaining information about the pages visited on e-commerce sites,
  • Ability to analyze the products added to the cart

Provides a feature. It is very important for businesses that want to be successful in the e-commerce sector and make successful advertisements to use this feature.

Facebook Business Manager is a Facebook Business Manager application that allows you to use the Facebook Conversations API (CAPI). Businesses that do not have a Facebook Business Manager account business.facebook.com you must first open a Business Manager account at the address.

  • After opening your Business Manager account, log in to the Event Manager located on the corresponding screen.
  • Click on the Facebook Pixel you are using on your site. Then log in october the settings or add event section.
  • After entering october Add Event or Settings tab, go to the Conversions API section located at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the Create Access Token link in this section.

After clicking on the Create Access Token link, Facebook will share your Conversations API with you. After receiving this code, you need to add it to your e-commerce site. If you have established your e-commerce site with Ticimax e-commerce infrastructure;

  • Log in to your Ticimax Admin panel.
  • Then enter the settings – general settings section and enter the digital marketing tab located here.
  • Log in to the Facebook Pixel section in the digital marketing settings section.
  • Facebook Access Token is located under your Pixel code when you come to the Facebook Pixel section, paste the Conversions API you received via Business Manager into the Facebook Access Token section.
  • After pasting your Coversion API, go to the bottom of the page and click the Save button.

After completing the relevant steps, your Facebook CAPI will be integrated into your e-commerce site. After the corresponding integration, you can access more accurate data about your e-commerce site and get more efficiency from your ads.

One of the most frequently asked questions by people who want to learn about the Facebook Conversions API is Who Should Use the Facebook Conversions API. Let’s take a look at this question together.

Facebook CAPI is a feature that should be used by people and businesses who want to get efficiency from their digital marketing and advertising efforts. And also;

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Social Media Experts
  • Solution partners
  • Marketing Managers
  • IT Employees
  • Digital Marketing Analysts

This feature must also be used by Because Facebook CAPI improves the data of internet and e-commerce sites and allows you to get more measurable results from the promotional activities.

If you also provide advertising or analysis services for an internet or e-commerce site, you should take care to use this feature on the websites of the brands you serve.

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