Using Green Screen on Twitch Streams

Green screens are a fun way for creators to bring their personalities into their streams, allowing them to dynamically change their stream background and make their content look even more engaging and polished. With Twitch Studio you can easily configure chroma key settings and detect your green screen with one click.

You can broadcast with or without showing your background. Use a green screen on your stream to remove your background or replace it with something interesting. Creating a visually unique background can be a great talking point for new viewers or interest people enough to earn that click. 

Set Up Your Camera


First, make sure your camera is detected in Twitch Studio. If you don’t already have a layer with your webcam in your scene, click Edit Scene and add a webcam layer by clicking the + icon on the left next to Layers. Once your webcam layer is created, make sure the device you want is selected, plugged in, and you haven’t turned off every webcam (Camera icon in the bottom left of Twitch Studio).

Set Up Your Green Screen

Once your green screen is set to your background, select your webcam layers to view your webcam settings. We recommend using the Auto Detect Color feature as it will automatically detect the best color code for you and is a great base to work with. If desired, you can manually select the color code by providing it in the Color to Remove field or by clicking the colored square to view the color spectrum.

The Chroma Key section is located under the webcam settings and you can toggle the chroma key by clicking the eye icon. You can click Edit Chroma Key to adjust the Chroma key settings. You will be able to change the color code and change the similarity, edge transparency, and color correction for the perfect fit.

Choose attractive backgrounds.


What is Color to Remove?

Color to Remove is an option that lets you choose the exact color of your background. We recommend using the Auto Detect Color button above, which helps you automatically find the best color match, but you can manually select it if you want.

Anything that matches this color will then become transparent. This allows you to remove your background and achieve visual effects like only your upper body is displayed on a play, and can give your audience a deeper immersion in the stream or allow you to experiment with your own creativity.

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