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To become a successful streamer: 10 tips for beginners

Have you ever considered becoming a streamer and showing the world what you can do when it comes to gaming? If so, just give it a try. Because the good news is: Basically anyone can stream. With a little knowledge and equipment, your room becomes a stage in no time at all. In order to have long-term success, however, you should consider a few things. Here you will learn how to prepare yourself optimally and simply get started.

to become a successful streamer

1. Choose the right platform for you

First, decide which streaming portal it should be – Twitch, YouTube Gaming or Facebook Gaming. Twitch is the network for streamers, but all three platforms offer you similarly good conditions: simple technical requirements, a large reach and the possibility to earn money with your streams later if you are successful. On all pages you can create an account in a few minutes and easily start a live stream. Your viewers can support you on Twitch and YouTube through subscription payment models, on Facebook this is possible through the allocation of Facebook Stars and the Gaming Creator Level Up program. On Twitch and Facebook, the rules are a bit stricter. So it’s a matter of taste which platform you choose. If you want to concentrate on a specific game, it is best to take a look at the fanbase on the portals beforehand.

2. Find your individual positioning

Think in advance about what you want to stream, who you want to reach with it and why you are doing it. Which games do you want to play? If you want to focus on a game, keep in mind that with a later change, a large part of your viewers may also jump off again. Why should people watch you, what can you offer your audience? Do you want to entertain others or share knowledge? The latter is suitable if you have already gained experience in a game and could help other players with your skills. Also, think about which viewers you might be addressing with your content and what they might expect from it.

3. Make your channel appealing

Think of a suitable name for your account. It should be easy and easy to remember, in the best case there is still an interesting story behind it. On the different platforms you have numerous possibilities to customize your channel and you should definitely use that: Customize images, texts and colors. With your profile and header image, interesting or funny titles and descriptions and additional eye-catchers such as banners, emotes (emoticons in chat) and badges, you give your channel your own personal touch.

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