Selling on Amazon

In this article, we will try to tell you about the subtleties of Selling on Amazon.

As it is known, Amazon has started to operate in our country as well as in many European countries. People who are related to e-commerce or who want to sell on the internet do serious research on what it takes to sell on Amazon without wasting too much time.

There are also advantages and disadvantages of selling on Amazon. We can list the advantages of selling on Amazon as follows:

Brand image of Amazon: Amazon is a platform that has been serving in this field for years, providing solutions to customers’ problems and most importantly, operating worldwide. If you are going to sell yourself by opening a store on amazon, you can benefit from this positive image.

Customer potential: Amazon enjoys rapid growth in all countries due to its worldwide success. By opening a store on Amazon, you can benefit from Amazon’s customer base.

Among the Things You Need to Know to Sell Products on Amazon, you first have to be a store owner. It is not possible to sell without opening a store. You can open an individual or professional seller account on Amazon. In addition to the commissions deducted from the products you sell, you must pay a certain amount monthly for a professional seller account. There is no extra charge for product listings. The documents required to open a store on Amazon are:

  • Company Info
  • Contact information
  • Credit card information
  • Bank account information
  • Information of the responsible person

If you meet the criteria after the store has applied, your request will be accepted, and then you can start listing and selling your products. As with other online platforms, different commission rates are applied for different product types. Amazon takes a commission for every sale.

To sell on Amazon, you must plan your research process and examine your competitors; because there are vendors with whom you will compete a lot. The seller who sells the same product at a much cheaper price is always one step ahead. In order to sell easily on Amazon, you need to sell a niche product, that is, a product that does not have much competition.

Amazon is a company that works very hard on payment channels and shipments of products and tries not to victimize its users. Therefore, there are many control mechanisms in their background and is Amazon Trustworthy? It is a company that has the competence to answer the question as yes.

In the global e-commerce market, Amazon is in a leading position in terms of sales potential.
By opening a store on Amazon, you can take place in a market that is 10 times more effective than your competitors.
Amazon’s credibility in the eyes of customers is 5 times higher than all existing e-commerce platforms.
Considering the service it offers, Amazon’s commission rates are quite low compared to other marketplaces.
Selling on Amazon is pretty easy if you find the right product.

There are two options for selling products on Amazon. These are professional and individual seller accounts. For a monthly payment of 39$ in a professional account, you can add a wider range of products to your store and benefit from many privileged services of Amazon.

The second account option for selling through the Amazon e-commerce location is the individual account. You do not have to pay a fixed monthly fee to sell products through this account. You pay commission per product you sell in an individual account. You cannot take advantage of many of Amazon’s exclusive features, such as reporting, in this account type.

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