PUBG: New State

The Battle Royale game PUBG: New State, which will continue from the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds series, has been released.

New State is released for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

New State is a much more advanced version of PUBG Mobile in terms of all its features.

PUBG: New State

Developed and published by Krafton, New State is a Battle Royale-style game that will continue from the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds series.

New State includes some changes compared to the original PUBG. Improvements such as weapon customization and bringing a dead teammate back to life are included in the game. One of the new and undoubtedly striking features is the ‘Recruit System’ feature. Thanks to this feature, the players that you are enemies during parachuting can become your teammates during the war. With this feature, your 3-man team can increase to 4 while in combat.

New State, consisting of Erangel and Troi maps, is released completely free of charge on the Google Play Store and App Store.

PUBG: New State

New State Trailer Video

New State Breaks Record

Reaching 20 million downloads after its launch last week, New State made it the most popular game in 165 countries.

New State, which was released on November 11, 2021, has reached 20 million downloads even though it is only in its first week.

Reaching 20 million downloads, the mobile game rose to the first place in 165 countries in Google Play and App Store.

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