Paid and Free SEO Tools

SEO tools are very important tools for people who have a website. If you want more people to visit your site by coming to the top of the search engine rankings, you can analyze your site using the seo tools that everyone uses, report the problems on your site and easily determine your optimization strategy for your site. In this article, we will give you information about free and paid SEO tools and talk about how you can use these tools.

Free SEO tools are among the SEO tools that you can use without paying any fee. These tools, which you can usually use on a limited basis, are very useful for your beginner and intermediate SEO activities. The paid versions of free SEO tools provide you with more opportunities. Let’s see what seo tools you can use for free.

As you can understand from its name, Google Search Console, an SEO tool released by Google, is an SEO software that allows you to do many things. You can perform large-scale reviews and reporting on your website using Google Search Console.

  • backlinks
  • robot.txt
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Mobile compatibility

You can get help from Google Search Console.

Another SEO tool released by Google is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a software that should be used by people who want to start seo work on their website. via Google Analytics;

  • Number of visitors to your website
  • Demographic information of your visitors
  • What time did your visitors come to your site?
  • Pages viewed by your visitors
  • The movements of your visitors on your website

You can get information on many topics such as: In line with this information, you can make decisions about the content you will write. You can create content for these people in line with the information you receive, such as what type of content attracts attention, who comes to your site, and you can make those people visit your pages more.

Google Trends, which is one of the decisive programs for doing SEO studies at Google, is an SEO tool that provides information about the content you will create. Thanks to Google Trends, you can review and compare search performances on Google in your country. Google Trends is a Google tool where you can access search statistics of keywords. You can see in which periods a keyword you write in Google Trends is searched more and how many searches per month. You can compare the keywords you have determined with the keywords that can be alternative to this, and in this way, you can increase the traffic to your website by writing your content more consciously.

Free seo tools are very useful tools for people who are new to SEO studies. However, if your website that you want to do seo work on has come to the growth process, you will need to do advanced SEO work, so it would be better to turn to paid seo tools. So what are paid seo tools, let’s look at it together.

Moz Analytics, which is among the paid seo tools, is a software that is highly preferred by people who do seo. You can track the organic search traffic of your website, the ranking of your keywords, the performance of your pages, the reach and engagement rate of your social media accounts through Moz Analytics.

By using Sem Rush, Semrush, one of the most used paid SEO tools by people who do SEO work, you can analyze your organic performance, analysis of links on your website, faulty pages, on-site seo analysis and off-site seo analysis.

Thanks to Ahrefs, which is among the paid SEO tools, you can quickly access all the features of the paid SEO tools we mentioned above. It is a very nice feature that you can track your backlinks through Ahrefs.

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