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Online Content Production Processes

One of the most important things for companies selling online is the online content production processes. Many companies attach great importance to content production in order to attract the attention of their potential customers on different social media platforms and to introduce their brands to these people.

Since online content production processes differ according to each platform, companies should closely follow the dynamics of the platforms and take care to create content for this platform. Otherwise, it will take time for companies to reach their targeted growth thanks to content production.

In this article, where we will provide information about online content production and production processes, you can learn what to pay attention to in content production and get information about content production processes.

Content production is a process that is described as easy by everyone, but if certain rules are not observed, this process, which is described as easy, causes many negativities to companies. For this reason, we will provide information about what you should pay attention to in the production of content for your company in this section of our article.

  • Analysis
  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Platform
  • Effectiveness
  • Follow-up

Elements like these are the things that a content producing company should pay attention to. Let’s open it together now.

The analysis process, which is one of the first stages of online content production processes and which requires great attention in content production, is the study that shows how a company will follow in content production. Analysis studies generally cover many studies such as competitor analysis, target audience analysis, keyword analysis.

Doing these studies for your company will allow you to see how your competitors are doing in the content production process and will help you act in a planned way.

Another factor that companies should pay attention to during content production is creativity. In short, when producing content for your company, you should produce it not to produce the content, but to make an impact on people as a creator in this content. To be creative;

  • Your content titles
  • Your content
  • Image of the content
  • Videos to be used in the content

You can determine it in accordance with today’s trends.

Another element that should be considered in content production is Originality. Originality can be considered as the most important element that will distinguish your company from other companies.

Generally, companies operating in the same sector reach their potential customers by highlighting the same aspects. The fact that companies do this shows that they did not complete the analysis stage correctly. You should not make this mistake and instead of imitating your competitors in content production, you should take care to produce content with your own original ideas.

Since the concept called content covers every platform, it is very important to keep up with the dynamics of the platforms, especially in content production. Types of content commonly found;

  • Blog contents
  • Social media content
  • Videos
  • Images

It is known as The platforms where these content types should be used are separated from each other. For this reason, while you are producing content for your company, you should pay attention to creating blog content for your blog, social media and video content for your social media platforms.

One of the most important factors that companies that want to produce online content should pay attention to is effectiveness. Today, many companies produce content only to produce content, not to be effective while creating content. This causes the relevant content of the companies to be ineffective.

While you are producing content for your company, you should take care to produce an effective content and thus try to attract your potential customers. Otherwise, it will be difficult to reach your potential customers when the content you will make for your company is ineffective.

We have shared with you many factors that should be considered while producing online content. In this part of our article, we will give you information about online content production processes.

Companies that want to produce digital content should first complete some stages while creating this content and then produce their content. When producing content, one of the first things to consider is the platform. In this section, you can have information about what you should consider in content production processes according to the platform.

The analysis process, which we can define as the first process of Online Content Production Processes, is very effective in determining how companies want to produce content will follow. Thanks to the analysis process, companies can produce the right content. The analysis process differs according to the content to be created.

Generally, companies have the same competitors and target audiences on every platform. However, completing the analysis process by considering the platforms while analyzing ensures the emergence of the right content.

Competitor analysis; The competitor analysis that you will do before starting the content production process of your company will allow you to see the strengths or weaknesses of the competitors. Thanks to competitor analysis, you can see how your competitors are doing and act accordingly.

Let’s take a look at what you should consider in your competitor analysis.

  • Especially if you are doing a competitor analysis for your social media content, you need to consider what kind of content the competitor companies produce, the number of followers, the number of likes, the sharing interval, the sharing time, the content language.
  • In a competitor analysis for blog content, you need to consider factors such as the keywords your competitors use, the traffic from the keywords, the search volume of the keywords, and the seo difficulty.

Considering these, making a competitor analysis will enable your company to progress faster. Thanks to competitor analysis, you can decide how your company should follow, what kind of content it will differentiate itself from its competitors.

The second process among the Online Content Production Processes is the content production process. In the upper part of our article, we talked about what should be considered in content production. Let’s take a look at what you should do when creating content.

Now you all know that content production processes and competitor analysis should be done for the platform. For this reason, when producing content, you need to work individually, not for each platform.

  • Blog Contents; The first factor that companies that want to produce blog content should consider in content production is keywords. Keywords are the query words that the users who will search on the internet type into the search engines. For this reason, you should pay attention to the use of correct keywords in content types such as blog content, product posts, category posts.

What needs to be done at this stage is; Completing the competitor analysis and analyzing the keywords that your competitors are driving the most traffic for. You should also create content for these keywords and consider getting traffic from there. But do not forget that when producing written content such as blog content, being original will increase your SEO rankings.

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The follow-up stage, which is the last stage of Online Content Production Processes, is an important stage that will enable companies to decide whether their related content is effective or not. Keeping track of many data such as interaction, traffic, number of views of the content you produce will make it easier for you to decide what kind of content you should produce in the future.

You can track your e-commerce site and blog content through Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
You can see the follow-up of your social media content from the social media reports that you will create monthly.

By tracking content, you can quickly decide what to do next.

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