Most Viewed Video Types on Youtube

People who have channels on Youtube or businesses that want to carry out their digital marketing activities on Youtube want to share content that will bring more impact while shooting youtube videos. For this reason, everyone is doing research on the Most Viewed Video Types on Youtube before shooting their videos.

After searching the Most Viewed Videos on Youtube according to the type of the channel and the structure of the business, Youtube channel owners decide on the videos they will shoot more easily and thus increase both the number of subscribers and views by sharing the videos of interest on their channels.

In this article named Most Viewed Video Types on Youtube, which we have prepared for people and businesses who are considering opening a Youtube channel or who have a channel on Youtube, we will answer the question of which videos are watched the most on Youtube. You can also review this article and decide more easily what type of video you should shoot for your channel.

Before giving you information about the most watched video types on youtube, we will first give you information about the most watched videos on youtube.

  • Baby Shark – 9.2 billion
  • Despacito -7.23 billion
  • Shape of You – 5.04 billion
  • See You Again – 4.79 billion
  • Masha and the Bear -4.31 billion

The videos were determined as the most watched videos on youtube by making use of the statistics showing which videos are watched the most.

The most watched video types on Youtube usually differ according to the hobbies and interests of the people. While some people watch youtube video content such as product reviews, comments, interviews, product comparison videos, some people watch more videos such as games, education, foreign language learning. Considering Youtube statistics;

  • How is it done?
  • Do it yourself
  • Report
  • Question and Answer Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Product review videos
  • Product comparison videos
  • Social Experiment Videos
  • Unboxing Videos

It is seen that video contents such as these are among the most watched youtube videos. Let’s take a closer look at these video types together.

The interest in how-to videos, which is among the most watched video types on Youtube, is quite high. Generally, people with youtube channels aim to increase their subscriber numbers and watch times by shooting how-to content.

In how-to videos, video creators generally show how to make an object or food using certain tools and materials. E.g; Video content such as how to make spinach pie, how to make candles, how to make soap, how to make tomato paste at home are the best examples of this content type.

DIY videos are also among the most watched videos on Youtube. Although it has content similar to how-to videos in general, DIY videos are more of a video content type that shows how to make certain products and decorative objects. Although DIY videos are usually videos for decorative objects and design products, many people today shoot do-it-yourself videos in different areas.

E.g; Videos such as making a dress from a shirt, making a tray from wood, making a flowerpot or a seat from an old car tire are examples of do-it-yourself videos. If you are looking for video types that you can shoot for your youtube channel, you can turn to DIY Videos and thus increase your number of views.

There is a great deal of interest in Interview videos, which are included in Youtube video content. He usually shoots video interviews with people who have youtube channels, celebrities and people who are known in a certain sector to learn their life stories and success secrets.

In addition to this, it is possible to say that there is a great deal of interest in interviews with people who are quickly known and phenomenal as well as famous names. If you are looking for video ideas, you can take a look at the interview videos.

Question and answer videos, which are among the most watched video types on Youtube, are usually among the videos shot by famous people. Before shooting question and answer videos, famous people collect the topics that their fans wonder about themselves through social media or comments, and thus they answer the questions in the video content.

People who want to improve themselves personally watch training videos on Youtube the most. Educational videos are known as a type of video content made by many channels, but video content types differ according to the channel and area of ​​expertise. E.g;

  • How is e-commerce done?
  • How to sell on Amazon?
  • How E-commerce Firms Increase Their Sales?
  • How to Increase Youtube Views?
  • How is Social Media Expertise Done?
  • How to Learn English

Interest in educational videos that provide tips and tactics on specific topics such as While digital marketing agencies and e-commerce consultants usually turn to videos such as how to do e-commerce, how to increase the number of youtube views, language schools and language teachers focus on topics such as how to learn English and 5 reasons to learn a foreign language.

If you want to produce youtube video content, you can produce training videos suitable for your interests and industry, so you can reach people in your target audience more easily.

Product review videos; It is a type of video that describes the introduction and features of a product. Generally, information is given about what kind of benefits will be provided to users. Product comparison videos are videos where products are compared with other products with equivalent features.

People who want to buy any product generally prefer to watch product review and product comparison videos where these products and services are introduced and compared. For this reason, businesses operating in the e-commerce sector generally attach importance to sharing product review and product comparison videos on their channels.

If you want to increase your product sales on Youtube, you can take care of shooting product review and product comparison videos and thus increase both your watch time and your product sales.

Unboxing videos are types of videos that are usually shot by people who order products online. These videos contain information such as the product’s shipping format, cargo opening, information about the product, and product assembly or use.

There are hundreds of unboxing videos that are among the most watched videos on Youtube. These types of videos, which are generally shot by people with youtube channels, are also shot as a result of agreements with e-commerce companies.

If you want to increase the product sales of your e-commerce company, you can cooperate with youtube accounts with high subscriber numbers and shoot unboxing videos.

You can also benefit from many service features by strengthening your Live Streaming channel with Booster Machine infrastructures. Thus, you can deliver your channel’s products and services to the people in your target audience more easily and increase your sales, if any.

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