Most Used Link (URL) Shortening Tools

Link Shortening Tools, or in other words URL Shortening tools, is the name given to the tools used by businesses today to shorten long links. Generally, individuals and businesses use link shortening tools for specific purposes.

  • Match the number of characters
  • Hide the link
  • Tracking the number of clicks on a link / URL
  • Monitoring the statistics of links
  • Sharing effortlessly

All purposes such as individuals and businesses are among the purposes of using link shortening tools. People and businesses that want to make a long link shorter by using URL shortening tools generally prefer to use certain tools.

In this article called Most Used Link Shortening Tools, we will give you information about the tools you can use when making link shortening and link shortening. You can also learn about this subject by reviewing this article and learn the tools you will use while shortening your links.

Links or URLs are addresses used to indicate the location of a resource on the internet. URL, which is the abbreviation of the term Uniform Resource Loader, consists of domain name and domain name extension.

Link / URL shortening is the name given to shortening a long resource address on the internet. Link shortening processes are usually easily done thanks to the link shortening services available in the market.

There are many benefits to using link shortening tools for individuals and businesses. First of all, we will talk about these benefits without giving information about the most used link shortening tools.

  • Link shortening tools make your brand look more professional because they are tools that allow long links to be shared as shorter links.
  • People and businesses using link shortening tools can record their links in many classes such as campaigns, maps and images.
  • Shortening the URL helps in classifying the links you share. For example, you can create groups such as product links, campaign links, blog links and classify any link under these groups.
  • Thanks to the premium features in URL shortening tools, brands can create their own personal links.
  • Link shortening processes have a good effect on a business’s SEO scores and Domain authority.
  • Brands and agencies using link shortening tools can measure the statistics of shortened links. Measuring the statistics of a link enables brands to make faster decisions in their advertising and marketing efforts.
  • Brands that make URL Shortening can see from which sources traffic comes to the links they shorten. For example, businesses that make link shortening can provide direct, sms, e-mail, instagram, twitter, etc. traffic to the relevant link. He can see which ways he concentrates on. This gives information on which platforms businesses should concentrate their campaigns and marketing efforts on.

If you want to take advantage of these benefits of link shortening, you can use link shortening tools in your work, and you can both measure your links and make the right decisions by making more accurate analyzes.

TinyURL is our first tool, which is among the Most Used Link (URL) Shortening Tools and used by many people and businesses.

TinyURL is a link shortener with both free and paid packages. Usually, certain basic features are included in the free package. The link shortening features in the paid packages have been greatly improved by the company. For example, while there is no dashboard in the free package, there is a dashboard in the paid package where you can manage the connection.

Links shortened with TinyURL are usually “”. In premium packages, individuals and businesses can create a special domain name for themselves and make abbreviations. However, those who want to use this link shortening tool can use it without opening any membership. But if you want to create your own private links, you need to know that you need a membership.

Another url shortener tool among link shortening sites is was launched in 2008. There has been a lot of interest in this link shortening tool since it was first made available., which is preferred by millions of companies that have completed their digital transformation and have a website today, is a link shortening tool that you can use both free and paid.

While individuals and businesses using the free version of can make URL abbreviations as “”, businesses using the paid version can get their own domain name. Individuals and businesses that want to take advantage of paid membership;

Package Name Price
Basic 29$/Month
Premium 100$/Month
Enterprise Special Offer

You can buy and use the premium version of over their prices. There are differences between the premium versions of only in features such as the number of links, the number of CVS transfers and link analysis. But in general, premium packages will meet all the needs of an e-commerce company, agency and a business operating in any sector.

Developed by Buffer, a social media planning tool, is a link shortening tool that can be used by people who use Buffer while preparing a social media calendar.

While preparing a social media plan, the links that people who want to share a link add to their posts are shortened and shared by Buffer as “”. If users using Buffer want to create a custom domain name, the free packages should switch to the Buffer Pro Plan for a new fee.

After switching to Buffer pro plan, you can create special domain names for your brand and follow the statistics of your links through the link shortening service.

Another link shortening site among the link shortening sites is Rebrandly. Rebrandly is a link shortening service used by many individuals and organizations around the world. The most prominent feature of this service is its reliable connection management panel.

Users who shorten the url with Rebrandly can shorten the link by purchasing a special domain name, as in many link shortening sites, and they can also make abbreviations in the form of for free.

Rebrandly users can shorten up to 500 links per month for free, but if the number of links to be shortened is more than 500, users must purchase a premium account. Thanks to Rebrandly premium accounts, link shortening operations can be done and managed by more than one user.

Another service that is among the Most Used Link (URL) Shortening Tools is İS.GD, which you can use completely free of charge. People who want to shorten the link quickly can benefit from the link shortening service by clicking the link shortening button after entering the link they want to shorten directly in the box on the IS.GD homepage.

Users using can use special domain names in the links they will create, in addition to fast usage. In addition, it is possible to create a QR Code for shortened links thanks to the QR Code service, which is among the services.

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