Methods of Sharing Links on Instagram

The fact that the links shared in the Instagram post descriptions cannot be clicked enables Instagram users to use different link sharing methods. For this reason, it is possible to say that the methods of sharing links on Instagram are quite extensive.

Although Instagram link sharing methods attract people’s attention for personal use, link sharing is very important especially for businesses or Influencers who use Instagram commercially. Because commercial brands can attract visitors to corporate or e-commerce sites thanks to Instagram link sharing methods. Influencers, on the other hand, can provide easier advertising and promotion services thanks to link sharing methods.

In this article called Link Sharing Methods on Instagram, which we have prepared for people who want to share links on Instagram, we will talk about the methods by which you can share links. However, we will give you information about what to consider when sharing links. You can also review this article and you can reach your goals more easily by learning about link sharing methods.

Sharing links on Instagram is very important for trademarks and especially for e-commerce companies. Because link sharing businesses benefit from many advantages. Let’s take a look at the Advantages of Sharing Links on Instagram together.

  • You can attract visitors to your corporate site or e-commerce site by sharing links on Instagram.
  • Thanks to link sharing, you can enable Instagram users to get to know your products and services more easily.
  • With Instagram link sharing, you can direct consumers directly to your e-commerce site and enable them to shop.
  • You can highlight your campaigns by sharing links on Instagram.
  • If you provide influencer marketing service on Instagram, you can attract visitors to the sites of the brands you have a contract with, thanks to link sharing.
  • With link sharing, you can enable consumers to reach the right products and thus gain trust.

These are the main advantages of link sharing on Instagram. If you want to take advantage of such advantages, you can use link sharing methods.

There are many methods that people who want to share links on Instagram can use.

  • Instagram Biography
  • Instagram Direct Messages
  • Multiple Link Sharing Tools
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Ads
  • Link Sharing on Instagram Posts

These are the ways you can share links on Instagram. Let’s take a closer look at these methods together.

The first area where you can share links for people who follow your Instagram account or are in your target audience is Instagram Biography.

Generally, brands prefer to share the link of their corporate sites or e-commerce sites in their Instagram bio to strengthen their corporate image. However, from time to time, many brands prefer to share more than one link by using link shortening and multiple link sharing tools.

In order to share a link in the Instagram bio, the following steps must be completed;

  • Login to your Instagram account.
  • Click on your profile.
  • Press the edit button on your profile.
  • Enter the link you want to share in the website section here.
  • Click the Done button.

By completing these steps, you can share the link in your Instagram bio. In order to make your measurements and analyzes correctly, you can shorten the links you share by using link shortening tools such as, TinyURL or Click meter, and thus analyze your links.

Another feature that can be used by people who say how to share an Instagram link is Instagram messages, namely Instagram Direct. Although Instagram does not allow clicking on the links you add under your posts, it allows you to share links with the users you are messaging.

Generally, when brands share links via Instagram Direct, they send their links to people who ask questions about a topic or product.

E.g; By sending a message about a product your e-commerce company sells, you can share a direct link with a consumer asking for a price. Thus, you can direct the consumer to your product page and make it easier to examine the relevant product.

The majority of users who want to share links on Instagram can also share links using multiple link sharing tools.

E.g; Let’s imagine a brand that wants to attract visitors and followers to its e-commerce site, Facebook account, Trendyol Store, Twitter Account. Generally, these brands use multiple link sharing tools because they cannot add every link to their Instagram profiles.

Thanks to its multi-link sharing tools, it adds a link with more than one link to their account. Thus, users who click on this link can access the platform they want.

The most used link sharing tools by users who want to share multiple links on Instagram are;

  • linktree
  • Shorby
  • Lin in Bio Form Later
  • Lnk.Bio
  • Sked Link

Link sharing tools such as Instagram are the main tools where you can share multiple links. Among these tools, Shorby is a tool that you can use by purchasing the pro version after a 14-day trial version, while other link sharing tools have free versions.

You can also create multiple links using such link sharing tools and direct your followers by adding this main link to your bio.

One of the link sharing methods that people who want to share links on Instagram can choose is the feature of adding a link to the story. The feature of adding a link to the Instagram story was a feature that could be used by people with more than 10,000 followers for a long time, but after the last changes, this feature was made available to all Instagram users. In short, everyone can now share links in their stories.

To add a link to the Instagram story;

  • First, upload the image or video you want to add to your story.
  • Click on the “smiley face” section at the top of the story screen. The stickers screen will appear.
  • Then click the link.
  • On the link screen, enter the link you want to add to your story and press the finish button.
  • Share your story after you’ve made all the edits.

By completing these steps, you can add a link to your story on Instagram and thus attract visitors to your site by directing your followers. To analyze the links you share in your stories, you can use link shortening tools such as and analyze the days and times of the clicks.


One of the methods used to share links on Instagram is Instagram ads. While advertising on Instagram, you can set your e-commerce site address, campaign pages or special landing pages you have created as landing pages and direct the people in your target audience to the links you want.

If you share a link in Instagram posts, this link cannot be clicked. However, e-commerce companies that want to share links in posts can add links to post images by using the Insta Shop feature.

Thanks to the Insta Shop feature, e-commerce companies can make product tags in the images sent for the people in their target audience, and thus, they can increase the traffic of e-commerce sites thanks to Instagram link sharing.

If you want to attract visitors to your e-commerce site via Instagram, you can use the Insta Shop feature.

You can also benefit from many service features by strengthening your Live Streaming channel with Booster Machine infrastructures. Thus, you can deliver your channel’s products and services to the people in your target audience more easily and increase your sales, if any.

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