Meta asked users to submit their private images

Meta has announced a new measure against sharing users’ private data without consent on Facebook and Instagram. The tool called, which was implemented by the UK-based Revenge Porn Helpline to stop the sharing of private images without consent, asks people to upload their nude photos to the system.

Platforms such as Meta (Instagram, Facebook) become members of the tool, which is led by more than 50 non-profit organizations. The tool then creates a digital fingerprint ID using the hash algorithm from the photos and videos sent by users. It then shares this data with the companies included in the system.

The images themselves are not shared with Facebook itself.

According to the information on the company’s website, the tool does not store the original images taken from users in its database. It only records the digital fingerprint ID and shares it with its partners such as Facebook and Instagram. The photos and videos you upload to the system do not leave your phone. Private images very important in cyber world.

The unique digital fingerprint ID assigned to the image you upload to the tool allows you to identify the places where the same image has been shared. For example, when someone posts your private photo on Instagram without your consent, Meta automatically detects it and removes it instantly. Of course, you must have uploaded the photo in question to the system beforehand.

The system, which can only be used by people over the age of 18, gives the right to withdraw at any time to those who give up using it. Expressing that he supports and encouraging users to this platform, Meta said in his blog post:

It’s the first global initiative of its kind to safely assist people who are concerned that their intimate images (nudity or sexually explicit photos or videos) may be shared without their consent.

Someone who is concerned that their intimate pictures may be posted or posted on online platforms such as Facebook or Instagram can make a case through to proactively detect them.

Sophie Mortimer, Manager of Revenge Porn Helpline Manager, stated that represents a major change in the way abused people protect themselves by sharing intimate images. Stating that they gave control to the victims with this tool, Mortimer thanked Meta for its support and invited other platforms to join the system.

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