Live Streaming Applications

Almost all of the social media platforms that are used frequently today offer live streaming alternatives. In addition to these platforms, there are many programs that you can stream live. Moreover, you can use most of these platforms completely free of charge. Especially if you have an e-commerce site, the active use of your social media accounts causes you to increase your customer potential and awareness of your brand. Even though the television is still on in most homes, people spend about 7 hours a day online. For this reason, producing content on live stream platforms will attract the attention of most people. In this article, we will explain the Things to Consider While Streaming Live and the Frequently Used Live Stream Applications.

What is Live Stream?

Thanks to live stream applications, many companies can promote their products more easily and communicate with their customers more easily through these streams. Using live stream programs provides many advantages to companies.

  • The most important social media applications required to promote your product in virtual channels are live stream programs. By using Live Stream Programs, you can ensure that your products reach more people.
  • With live stream programs, you can instantly communicate with your potential customer base, get immediate feedback from customers, work on your products accordingly, and increase your satisfaction and trust in your company by preparing stream content in line with the incoming demands.
  • With live stream programs, your products can be promoted more easily than potential customers can reach your products by reading your blog or access the product advertisements you share on social media.

Thus, it makes it easier for potential customers to reach your products. In this article, we will give you information on how to make a live stream where you can promote your products and what are the frequently used live stream programs.

How to Live Stream?

How to stream live on Youtube, how to stream live on Facebook are among the frequently asked questions in this period. First of all, you need to determine a host where you will stream live. Examples of these hosts are Live Stream, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter. Choosing a host with a decent infrastructure will ensure that your live streams are of high quality. For the technical specifications of the hosts you will stream live with, you can consult the company that provides e-commerce infrastructure service. The technical factors that should be considered while streaming live are as follows:

1. Video quality

Having your videos in HD quality will create a professional image, but it is not possible for the internet speed of the viewers to meet this. For this reason, you should consider this situation and adjust your video quality. Note that very poor quality streams are almost impossible to watch.

Also, don’t forget that you can record your broadcast during the live stream . You can share these streams as a whole on your Youtube channel later, or you can keep your social media accounts active by sharing important sections from time to time.

2. Adjust Your Lighting

The quality of the ambient light is very effective even when taking any photos and videos. Even if you use a quality infrastructure in the live broadcast, if the ambient lighting is not good, your broadcast will not be of good quality. You can solve this problem by choosing the time and environment in which you will use natural light efficiently, or by obtaining lights that you can buy on the internet at a very convenient and affordable price.

You can see what the ambient light looks like by taking a video before the live stream. You can review our Instagram Live Stream Tips article and have an idea.

3. Sound Quality

Sound is as important as the image among the things to be considered while streaming live. It is imperative that there is no incomprehensible sound. It is recommended to use an external microphone for this. Lapel microphones are also an apparatus that you can find and buy both at an affordable price and in most places.

If you are going to use a different microphone, make sure it is as close to the sound source as possible. Don’t forget to do sound tests before broadcasting. Also, do not ignore environmental factors. Pay particular attention to this situation in your outdoor streams.

4. Check the Devices You Will Use

You should check the status of the devices you will use during the live stream. Running out of charge will cause the stream to be interrupted. You should also test the check of your internet connection before streaming. If you are shooting in areas where you cannot reach the power source, you can use external carriers.

Since you will have followers in your live stream, you can also make Instagram live streams for followers’ questions. While doing this, you should first share this information with your followers at the beginning of your live stream, and then invite your followers who have questions to the broadcast, allowing them to direct these questions to you and get answers to these questions.


With the Periscope application, it is possible to broadcast live anywhere, anytime, on any subject, and your current followers will be informed about your live broadcast, and you can watch your broadcasts at any time.

Well, if we come to the question of whether it is useful to introduce your products by making a live stream program with this application, does it facilitate access to the masses; For example, if you demonstrate a product belonging to your company through periscope, your customers will be able to use the product comfortably by overcoming the difficulties they will experience by reading the current user manual and trying to make sense of it. This will increase customer satisfaction with your company and will enable your potential customers to demand your products.

2.Instagram Live Stream

As we mentioned above, it is possible to provide simultaneous communication with customers with live stream programs on social media. With the Instagram live stream feature from these programs, it is possible to reach all potential customers in the world using this application. However, with these publications, it becomes easier for you to instantly answer questions about the product during your product promotion.

At the same time, your company will gain visibility with the introduction of your product to everyone who watches the stream . As a result of making you visible, trust will be instilled in your customer base and it will be easier to buy products from your company, and your company’s branding process will also accelerate. For these reasons, it is possible to improve your business volume with the live streams you will make on social media, especially on Instagram.

3.Youtube Live Stream

It is very simple to make product promotions with Youtube, one of the live stream programs you will perform in virtual environments. First of all, it is possible to open a channel on Youtube by registering for free. It is not possible to stream live through this program without owning any channel. However, it will be easier for you to reach a large audience by promoting your products in live streams with multi-subscribed Youtube users that you will make an agreement with.

As for the advantages of the Youtube program for your product promotion and marketing; First of all, with Youtube, one of the live stream programs, it is possible to gain visibility and reach customer masses through virtual channels.

The loss or deletion of these live stream recordings you made on Youtube does not occur, it is possible to offer you the opportunity to watch these live streams on your youtube channel. With this feature, your promotion that you have published will be permanent with your Youtube channel and will always make you visible by making a flow from the current viewer to the viewer that has not watched and will watch these streams later.

4. Facebook Live Stream

As it is known, Facebook is the social media platform with the most users in the world. By creating a bridge between your company and customers with live streams on Facebook, they can also provide feedback about your company, product and sales policies. As a result of these feedbacks, by creating the necessary arrangements for your company profile and products, you will increase customer satisfaction and thus reach more viewers.


In our article, where you can find answers to questions such as how to stream Twitch, your products and company can be promoted very simply with social media programs. With the agreements you will make with Twitch publishers, you can easily reach the audience they already have by enabling the streamers to promote their products in their own live streams, and at the same time, you can make use of the ability of these streamers to direct the viewers they can reach, by drawing attention to your products and making them gain popularity and visibility.

What should you pay attention to during the live stream?

In particular, the production of new and interesting content by e-commerce sites will strengthen the brand image and increase the potential business volume. We have explained to you the technical information about the Points to Consider While Streaming Live. In addition to these, there are some points that you should pay attention to in order for your live stream to be interesting. First, the streamer must be visible on the camera. You can easily attract people’s attention this way.

When the publication starts, the name of the company, the name of the person, the field of profession, the activities performed should be explained. An informative speech on why the broadcast was made should also be followed. The biggest expectation of the viewer when streaming live over the internet is that you are natural. You should pay attention to your clothes, sentences and attitudes during the stream, but you can attract people’s attention more easily with streams that you will make in a comfortable and natural way.

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