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One of the most popular topics in the e-commerce industry lately is live stream sales. Live streaming sales are sales made through the live streaming feature of social media platforms or live streaming programs used by e-commerce companies. Millions of products are offered for sale every day in the world, thanks to this sales enhancement technique, which allows the start of a new era in e-commerce.

In this article called Live Stream Sales, we will provide you with information on many issues such as how to make live stream sales for e-commerce companies, what advantages there are, which programs can be used to make live stream sales.

We told you that live streaming sales, which is one of the most popular sales forms of recent times, have many advantages for e-commerce companies. In this section, we will provide information about the advantages of selling live streaming.

  • Live streaming sales help improve customer experience.
  • Selling on live stream makes it easier for companies to reach more people.
  • Live streaming sales is a very practical and very useful experience for e-commerce companies and customers.
  • Customers can examine the products promoted in live streams more easily and in 3D. Thus, customers can make a quick purchase decision as they get to know the products more closely.
  • Since your customers can see and review the product from every angle in the live stream, the return rate of the products sold in the live stream is very low. In short, one of the biggest advantages of selling with live streaming is the reduction in return rates.
  • Selling in live stream helps e-commerce companies reduce their expenses in areas such as studio, photography, montage and video shooting. Companies can increase their sales by streaming live only through a smartphone.

We told you that live streaming sales are very important for e-commerce sites to increase their customer experience. In this part of our article, we will give you information about live streaming programs that you can sell live streaming.

  • Instagram Live Streaming
  • Facebook Live Streaming
  • YouTube
  • Scope
  • Twitch
  • Zoom

Live streaming programs are often the most used by e-commerce firms. By using these programs, you can make live streaming sales and ensure the rapid growth of your e-commerce company.

Thanks to the increasing video viewing times and increasing live streaming programs, many e-commerce companies use live streaming programs to promote their products and reach their customers easily. The live streaming feature on Instagram and Facebook, one of today’s most popular social media platforms, makes it easier for e-commerce companies to stream live.

The chat section in the Instagram and Facebook live streaming feature plays an active role in asking customers questions about the products sold in the live stream.
When the live stream starts, Instagram sends notifications to your followers, allowing more people to watch your stream.
The recording feature of Instagram live streams allows companies selling live streams to stream the relevant stream on IGTV or their stories. The presence of Facebook live streams as a post on the page of e-commerce companies makes it easier for companies to reach their followers.

In addition, e-commerce companies that make sales with the Instagram live streaming feature communicate with their customers one-on-one, providing their customers with a physical store experience from an online platform, thus increasing the speed of sales of the companies. By using this feature of Instagram, you can promote your products more easily and accelerate your product sales.

On Youtube, which is a platform preferred by companies that want to sell live streaming, the live streaming feature is a bit complicated. Although the Instagram and Facebook live streaming feature allows everyone to stream live, regardless of factors such as the number of followers, things do not work this way on Youtube. E-commerce companies that want to live stream on Youtube must have at least 1000 subscribers.

In addition to the number of subscribers, the first live streams of companies that want to open live streams on Youtube and sell live streams by promoting their products and services in this stream can take up to 24 hours. E-commerce companies that want to increase the customer experience and sell live streams from this platform need to be effective in the stream. Remember that Youtube is a video site and there are many distractions.

We have informed you about the most used live streaming programs that e-commerce companies increase their income by selling live streams and that they can choose while making these streams. In this part of our article, we will talk about how you can increase your sales by impressing your customers and having a good live stream.

One of the first things e-commerce companies should pay attention to in order to sell live streaming is a good internet connection. Having a good internet connection will prevent you from having problems with freezing, interruptions and resolution on your live side. This will help you create a good brand impression with your customers.

Remember that you will be promoting your products in your live stream. During the product presentation, give great importance to the light of your environment so that your customers can examine the products you will introduce in more detail. In a live stream in a well-lit environment, your customers will be able to better examine the products and thus make an easy purchasing decision.

One of the biggest mistakes often made in live streams is not responding to audience and customer questions. Since you will be selling products in a live stream, some questions may come from your customers about the products you are promoting. Answering these questions well will allow you to have a physical store experience in an online environment. Your customers, who find answers to the questions in their minds, will make a purchasing decision more easily.

If you are an e-commerce company that wants to increase sales with live streaming sales, another thing you need to do is to diversify your products. For example, let’s say you are an e-commerce company selling women’s clothing products on the internet and you are promoting a shirt. When selling live streaming;

  • In which weather the product you are promoting can usually be worn
  • Which colors can be combined with the most?
  • With which trousers or skirts can those who buy this product wear this product?
  • What kind of shoes can be preferred under it or which bag is right to wear with this product?

You can diversify your topics such as and give ideas to your customers by promoting shirts, trousers, skirts, shoes and bags in a live stream. Thus, your customers will be able to see many products together instead of focusing on only one product.

Today, one of the channels where e-commerce companies sell the most live streams is influencer marketing. In order to increase the live streaming sales of your e-commerce company, you can promote your products by working with influencers who have a high number of followers or that you think appeal to your target audience, and you can increase your product sales thanks to influencer marketing.

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