Instagram TV (IGTV) User Guide

In this article called Instagram TV (IGTV) User Guide, we will give you information about IGTV and talk about how you can use this feature of Instagram in digital marketing studies. By reading this article, you can learn more about Instagram TV and use it actively in your digital marketing efforts.

Instagram usage is increasing day by day. After creating their accounts on Instagram, new users interact with their close circles, new people and brands they know. The increase in the use of Instagram is effective in adding new Instagram features in our lives. Instagram is always updating itself, changing and adding new features to its structure. One of the features added to Instagram in the recent past is Instagram TV, in short IGTV.

Since Instagram TV was first launched, it has become a feature that is used a lot by both Instagram users, content producers and brands. Today, it is possible to say that while there are millions of people and brands using IGTV effectively, there are still those who do not actively use this feature.

Instagram TV, which stands for IGTV, is an Instagram feature that allows users to share their videos for up to an hour.

Previously, Instagram users could upload 15-second videos in the story feature, while they could upload videos of 30 seconds and 1 minute in their profiles, but thanks to the Instagram TV feature, users can now upload their videos up to 1 hour to Instagram and thus benefit from many advantages.

In the continuation of our article named Instagram TV (IGTV) User Guide, we will answer your question of how to use IGTV.

People who want to set up an Instagram TV channel can both log in to Instagram from their computer and upload videos from their phones. People who want to upload videos from computer to Instagram TV;

First, they need to log in to their account on
Secondly, people need to enter their Instagram profiles through the profile tab in the upper right section.
After logging into your Instagram profile, posts, IGTV, saved and tagged sections appear. You have to click on the IGTV sign in this section.
After coming to IGTV, you can upload your videos between 1 minute and 1 hour to Instagram TV by pressing the upload button.

People who want to use Instagram TV from their mobile devices can upload IGTV videos both through the Instagram application and the IGTV application.

  • To upload via Instagram, first go to your Instagram profile.
  • Click the + icon at the top right of your Instagram profile.
  • After clicking here, you will be shown the types of content you can create.
  • Select the IGTV Video option from the post, story, featured story, IGTV video, Reels video, guide, and promotion options.
  • After selecting the IGTV video option, Instagram will show you the videos that are loaded on your phone over 1 minute.

By choosing among these videos, you can upload your videos to your IGTV channel and share them with your followers.

In this section of our article named Instagram TV (IGTV) User Guide, we will share the features of IGTV with you. You can have more information about IGTV by reviewing this section.

  • Accounts using Instagram TV can share their videos between 1 and 15 minutes on their channels.
  • Users with approved Instagram accounts can upload their videos up to 1 hour to IGTV.
  • IGTV videos are getting more discovery. Users who want to gain new followers therefore prefer to upload videos to IGTV.
  • Videos shared on IGTV must be in MP4 format.
  • Video sizes should not exceed 650 MB.
  • Video cover photos to be used in IGTV can be selected from the video frame, or a photo on a different device can be a cover photo.
  • IGTV Cover photo size should be 420 x 654 Px. As an aspect ratio, this ratio is 1:1.55.
  • Title text should be created for videos uploaded to IGTV. Maximum 75 characters are used in the title.
  • The resolution of the videos shared on IGTV must be 720p.

By paying attention to these features of Instagram TV, you can shoot IGTV videos and increase your interaction by sharing them on your channel.

There are many elements that people who will shoot IGTV videos should pay attention to both in their videos and during video sharing. In this section, we will give you information about the things you need to pay attention to while shooting IGTV Videos.

One of the first things that users who want to increase the viewers of IGTV should pay attention to is professionalism. The more professional the quality and content of the captured video, the higher the viewing and interaction rates. Those who want to shoot professional IGTV videos;

  • It is important to shoot with professional cameras or phones with good cameras.
  • Ambient light should be well adjusted.
  • It is very important that you set the background professionally while shooting video. When setting the background, you can choose a background in plain colors that will not distract the users.
  • Pay attention not to echo the sound in the environment. So users will better understand what you say in the videos.

Considering these, you can shoot IGTV Video and share it with your followers.

Many users who spend time on Instagram like to watch entertaining content. People who will shoot Instagram videos need to diversify their video content in order to increase both the number of followers and the number of likes. While shooting IGTV Video;

  • Take care to be creative.
  • Attract the attention of the audience by shooting videos on different topics and different concepts. Thus, you can reach people with different interests more easily and increase your number of views.
  • Avoid using the same concept over and over in your videos and highlight your difference.
  • When shooting your videos, give importance to DIY ideas. Because DIY videos are among the most watched videos on IGTV. Thus, you can increase your number of views.

While shooting IGTV Video, you can increase the number of views of your channel by shooting trending videos as well as video content types that are watched and interacted with more.

One of the most important elements that e-commerce companies that want to take advantage of Instagram TV in digital marketing studies should pay attention to is product review videos. Thanks to the product review videos, which are among the most watched video types on Instagram in a day;

  • E-commerce companies increase brand awareness.
  • Thanks to this type of video, companies can promote their products more easily and thus sell faster.
  • Since product review videos are among the most watched videos, the number of likes and followers on Instagram of e-commerce companies is increasing rapidly.
  • Product review videos positively influence customers’ immediate purchasing decision.

If you want to take advantage of such advantages, you can also shoot product review videos while shooting IGTV videos.

People who want to use Instagram TV do research on many topics on the internet. In this section of our article named Instagram TV (IGTV) User Guide, we will answer the most frequently asked questions by you.

Instagram TV video uploading can be done on computers and smart devices (phones and tablets)

People who want to delete IGTV Video must first go to the IGTV section of their profile. Then, the icon in the upper right part of the IGTV Video that wants to be deleted should be touched. After tapping this icon, click on remove preview and then click on the remove button to delete the Instagram video.

People who want to download IGTV Videos can download videos from mobile applications and websites that provide this service. You can access the IGTV video link you need while downloading the video by clicking the … icon in the lower right part of the video and clicking the copy link button.

The sizes of videos that can be uploaded to Instagram TV vary between 1 minute and 15 minutes. However, people with approved Instagram accounts can upload their videos up to 1 hour to IGTV.

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