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Instagram Stories, one of the popular features of Instagram, are used by many people and brands today. In personal use, social media users share about their daily routines, while in commercial uses, brands highlight their products, services and campaigns. Especially e-commerce companies can both attract visitors to e-commerce sites and increase their sales quickly thanks to Instagram stories. Instagram Story Designer Tools

Design is one of the issues that people and brands that want to share stories on Instagram should pay attention to. Because professionally designed Instagram Story attracts more attention of users. Businesses and people who want to design professional stories often use free Instagram story design tools.

In this article, Free Instagram Story Designer Tools, which we have prepared for people who want to share stories on Instagram, we will give you information about the tools you can use to design stories. You can also review this article and design professional stories.

Instagram story, also known as Instagram story, is an Instagram feature where users can make 15-second posts and add polls, music, questions, and gifs to their posts. The posts made in the Instagram Story can be viewed within 24 hours and the Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours.

Although Instagram stories are one of the content types that disappear after 24 hours, this feature provides many advantages for businesses.

The Instagram story feature is very important for people and businesses that use Instagram for both personal and commercial purposes. Because sharing stories on Instagram allows social media users to benefit from many advantages.

Thanks to the story sharing;

  • You can diversify the content of your social media account.
  • You can increase the interaction rates of your page by using features such as survey, gif, ask me a question, music, test.
  • If you use Instagram for commercial purposes, you can integrate your store with Instagram and thus share products and services.
  • By adding links to your stories, you can strengthen your shares and drive traffic to your e-commerce site.
  • Thanks to the Instagram Story feature, you can compete more easily with your rival companies.
  • Since the store feature is used more than posts, you can reach more people thanks to Instagram Story.

You can also use professional story design tools to take advantage of such advantages and design a story for your page. Thus, you can use the stories feature more effectively and reach your goal.

There are many design tools that people who want to design Instagram stories can do professionally.

  • Canva
  • Insta Size
  • Unfold
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Artory – Story Maker

They are the most used design tools by people and businesses who want to do professional story design. Let’s take a detailed look at these tools together.

Canva, a design tool developed in 2013 by Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams in Australia, is one of the design tools where you can design all your needs from social media design to story design, from presentation to business cards.

Canva is a tool where you can design both free and paid as a member, and people who use free canva can also make professional designs. People who want to design an Instagram story in Canva;

  • Canva story templates
  • Components such as graphics, frames, and emoji
  • Text
  • Photo and video
  • Sound
  • Animations and transition effects

It can design Instagram stories professionally using Canva features such as. While designing in Canva, you can use the videos and photos in the tool, as well as upload your own photos and videos. Instagram Story Design Tools

Another photo editing program included in the 5 free Instagram Story Designer Tools is Insta Size. Insta Size can be used on smart devices with Android and IOS operating systems. Photo and video editing can be done through this program.

  • Original photo editing
  • Square photo editing
  • Story editing
  • IG Full
  • View

Such design settings are the photo settings in the program. People who want to design an Instagram story should make their designs through the story editing template after choosing their photos.

  • Background Types
  • Effects
  • Frame
  • Photo Editing
  • Features (Beauty, Light, etc.)
  • Motion Effects
  • Add Text Feature
  • Grill Types

These are the main features that can be used by people who will design Instagram stories using Insta Size. Using these features, you can create professional Instagram stories for your brand and thus attract the attention of people who follow your business more easily.

Another design tool among the Instagram Story Designer Tools is Unfold. Unfold, a story design tool with more than 300 awards, is among the programs that can be used by people who want to make professional story design.

Unfold is a highly developed design tool with hundreds of templates in styles and fonts. In addition, there are many options such as effects, textures, stickers and backgrounds that you can use while designing a story.

There are more features in the paid version of this program, which has both paid and free versions. You can quickly design your Instagram stories using Unfold and share your stories on Instagram instantly thanks to the share buttons.

Adobe Photoshop Light Room, a design tool that you can use on devices with Microsoft Windows and Mac OS operating systems, is a design tool that can be used by people who want to create video, print and web content.

Thanks to the Instagram Story templates and Instagram post templates, it is possible to easily design a story. By using this program, which has an easier-to-use interface than Adobe Photoshop, you can design a story for Instagram.

Artory, one of the design tools in Google Play and App Store, has been uploaded to application markets under the name of story maker. Thanks to this application listed in the Graphics and Design category, it is possible to design professional Instagram stories. This design tool is more professionally created than other tools.


  • It is a tool that allows you to design a story using images and videos.
  • Usually in Hollowen, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. creates story templates for special occasions.
  • This makes it easier for you to design stories on special occasions.
  • In addition to special day story templates, professional visual and video templates that you can always use are also included in the program.
  • Since templates generally appeal to different types of sharing and are created professionally, it is possible to ensure story integrity by using a template.
  • Categorizing the stickers for sharing, fonts, different text features make it easier for you to design professional stories.

If you want to design Instagram stories, you can use this application and create professional designs with the templates included in the application.

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