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Instagram Reels, launched by Instagram in July 2020, is known as one of the most popular Instagram features of recent times. This feature, which was first tried in Brazil, started to be used in India after Tik Tok was banned in India. Instagram Reels Guide

In August 2020, Instagram officially launched Instagram Reels in 50 countries. This feature, which was introduced on the Instagram home page in the first periods, later started to be used on Instagram as a special area. Since its launch, Instagram Reels has been used by billions of people.

We will inform you about the Reels feature of Instagram in this article named Comprehensive Instagram Reels Guide, which we have prepared for people who want to learn about the Instagram Reels feature. You can review our article and learn more about this feature.

Instagram Reels is one of the Instagram features that allows Instagram users to share short videos using effects and sounds. Instagram Reels videos are videos between 15 and 30 seconds.

People who share videos and posts on their Instagram profiles can also see the Reels section when they start using the Reels feature.

Since the Reels feature is one of the latest features offered by Instagram, Instagram highlights Reels shares more. This ensures that people who want to be recognized on Instagram or brands that want to reach more people benefit from many advantages.

We told you that the Instagram Reels feature has many advantages for both personal and commercial uses. Let’s take a detailed look at the Advantages of Instagram Reels.

  • Instagram Reels allows you to diversify your content as it is a feature where you can share videos in the range of 15-30 seconds.
  • Since Instagram Reels videos are more popular, it is possible for people and businesses that share such videos to reach more people.
  • Thanks to Instagram Reels, businesses operating in commercial activities can both reach people in their target audiences and expand their target audiences.
  • Thanks to the sounds used in Instagram Reels videos, it is possible to reach more people.
  • You can increase the number of followers by taking professional shots while shooting Instagram Reels.
  • If you are a commercial enterprise, you can promote your products and services more easily with Instagram Reels.
  • With Instagram Reels effects, you can shoot professional videos and create a professional image in your target audience.

If you want to take advantage of such advantages and reach more Instagram users, you should take care to use Instagram Reels, which is one of the new features of Instagram.

People who want to use Instagram Reels must first open an Instagram account. Then people who want to shoot reels can shoot reels videos by completing simple steps. To shoot Reels on Instagram;

Login to your Instagram account.
Click on the “+” icon in the upper right part of Instagram. Click here and you will see the Post, Story, Reels video, live sections.
Click on the reels video. After clicking on the Reels video, Instagram will send you to the Reels screen.
From here, you can shoot Reels videos as you wish and share them with your followers.

In addition, after logging into Instagram, you can swipe the screen to the left to open the camera. You can come to the Reels section and shoot Instagram Reels by scrolling between the post, story, reels and live broadcast sections at the bottom.

After you shoot a reels video by following the steps above on Instagram, you can adjust your reels’ settings such as effects, speed, and sound. Next

  • Press the preview button.
  • After pressing the preprocess button, Instagram will send you to the page where you can watch your reels.
  • After watching your reels from here, press the forward button.
  • After you click the Next button, make your edits on the page with settings such as Instagram Reels description, hashtags, sharing options, tagging people, adding locations.

After completing all the arrangements, you can share Instagram Reels by pressing the share button.

Users who share Reels on Instagram can increase their followers on Instagram Reels thanks to certain strategies. Users who want to increase views on Instagram Reels;

  • First of all, it should take care to shoot videos suitable for Instagram Reels sizes. The Instagram Reels video share size is 1080 x 1920 pixels. In other words, when shooting your videos, you need to take care to shoot videos in rectangular dimensions.
  • Shooting professional video while shooting Instagram Reels will allow you to fall into the discovery. This will help increase your Reels view count.
  • With the development of the Instagram Reels feature, the feature of adding sounds and effects has been effective in the emergence of trends in Instagram, just like Tik Tok trends. People who want to increase the watch time of Instagram Reels videos should join these trends.
  • It is important that you share videos with sound, as the sounds you add to Instagram Reels videos will also positively affect your watch time.
  • While sharing your Instagram reels, the desired explanation section also increases the views. For this reason, you can use texts to increase interaction about your video while writing your description.
  • By using reels hashtags in your descriptions, you can easily reach people who follow a hashtag.

Considering these, you can prepare your Instagram Reels videos and increase your views and likes by sharing them.


People who want to add music to their Instagram Reels videos must first prepare their videos. People who prepare their videos or upload Reels to Instagram can add Reels music via the editing screen.

  • After shooting your reels, come to the preview screen.
  • Click on the note sign on the preview screen.
  • In this section, you will see the camera sound and add sections.
  • Lower the camera volume to zero and press the add button.
  • Search and select the music you want to add.
    By completing these steps, you can add music to your Instagram Reels video and make your sharing more effective.

People who share Instagram Reels videos can also share these videos on their profiles if they want.

People who want to add to their Instagram Reels profile should activate the Share on Stream button on the sharing screen after the process of shooting and editing their videos. After this process, your Instagram Reels video will be able to be viewed both on the profile grid and on the Reels section of your profile.

The majority of people who share Reels on Instagram use tricks to increase their number of views and likes. Although Instagram tricks increase your likes and views, they are actually programs that will harm your page.

Generally, likes and views cheats are programs that log in with your Instagram password. This may cause your Instagram account to be stolen. While the tricks of liking and being watched usually cause your target audience to change, however, as your Reels Videos are watched and liked quickly, the probability of your account being banned will increase when this situation attracts the attention of Instagram. This will cause your long-term efforts to be in vain.

For these reasons, if you are sharing Reels on Instagram, you should avoid using the follow and like tricks provided by third-party applications.

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