Instagram Live Streaming Tips

With the arrival of the Instagram Live Stream feature, many e-commerce companies started to broadcast for their customers by taking advantage of this feature. Many companies use this feature to introduce their products to their customers, to provide information about the working environment and to answer their customers’ questions. So, what are the Instagram Live Stream Tips to stand out on Instagram, let’s take a look at them together.

“How to make an Instagram live stream?” Among the tips are video and connection quality first. Having a good connection quality while streaming live on Instagram will prevent your live stream from being interrupted. In addition, having a good connection quality will prevent pixel problems in your live stream. This will bring the people watching your live stream to see a quality image.

One of the most important things in Instagram Live streams are the sound quality. Since streaming is usually done using phones, there may be problems with the microphone of your phone, which can negatively affect the number of people watching the live stream. In order to avoid this, it is very important that you test this before the live stream. If your sound quality is not good, you can use an auxiliary microphone to increase it, or you can increase the sound quality with the microphone of the headset you are using.

Another thing found among Instagram Live Streaming Tips is the use of Tripod. Generally, people hold their phones in their hands and broadcast live, which causes the image to move during the stream. You can use a tripod and stream live with a still image to block this movement and keep your viewers from getting distracted.

This tip, which is among the How to Live on Instagram and Stream tips, will actually eliminate many problems. While many people are opening a live broadcast, they open a certain stream and therefore the stream does not last very long. If you want to prevent this, you can set themes for the live streams you will open on Instagram. Thanks to these themes, it will be easier for you to follow the flow of your live stream.

E.g; If you are a company that sells women’s clothing, you can open a live stream showing how to combine your best-selling products. In addition, you can invite people who are experts in their field to your live streams and allow your followers to get information from these people. Or, if you are a company that sells hobby products, you can shoot videos that will tell you how your followers will design with the products they buy from you.

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The most important of the Instagram Live Stream tips is to invite guests to your live broadcasts. You can invite an expert in the field to a live stream  from your company’s account and have your followers ask questions to these people and find answers to these questions. Instead of opening these broadcasts, which will be carried out in a more interactive way, in a planned way, you can let your followers be aware of these streams. To do this, you will first need to set a day and time and share a content containing this information on your social media account.

Since you will have followers in your live streams, you can also make Instagram live streams for followers’ questions. While doing this, you should first share this information with your followers at the beginning of your live stream, and then invite your followers who have questions to the stream, allowing them to direct these questions to you and get answers to these questions.

In the last part of Instagram live streaming tips, we will talk about the importance of recording your live streams. Generally, using this feature will allow your followers to access your live streams  whenever they want. Thanks to this feature, your followers will be able to watch these streams for the questions in their minds and get answers for them easily. However, if your informative live streams that you invite your guests to are on your Instagram page, your followers will be able to watch these streams and learn new things.

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