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Instagram boss introduced three new features

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri introduced three new features that will come to the social media application from his personal Twitter account.

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri introduced a few features coming to the social media platform. Mosseri talked about the recently announced Playback feature for Instagram Stories in a video he shared on Twitter. Playback lets you create a year-end collection of up to 10 stories to share with your followers.

Mosseri said, “Now is the end of the year and the New Year is the time to think about the past year and next year. At this point we wanted to build something that allows us to celebrate some of your favorite moments in 2021.” said.

Instagram, you must have three stories to use the Playback feature

To use the Playback feature, you need to create at least three stories in the last 12 months. In addition, you must activate your story archive. At this point, Instagram’s algorithm offers you various suggestions for your choices. It looks pretty handy if you have a lot of stories to choose from. The feature is only valid until the end of December.

Instagram boss Mosseri also talked about the feature that lets you reply to a comment with up to 60 seconds of Reels video. Mosseri saw the creators in this feature as another way to communicate with followers. He stated that this may cause an increase in the platform and followers.

Visual Replies now appear when you want to reply to a comment. You can choose to create a video reply. Meanwhile, the comment appears as a sticker.

Added option to embed profile on different websites

Finally, the profile embed feature has arrived, allowing you to embed a small version of your Instagram profile on a website or blog. It looks like an extension of the system that lets you embed Instagram photos and videos on other sites.

“Perhaps you want to showcase your Instagram content on a website or link to someone else’s,” Mosseri wrote. Profile embeds are first available in the US and more countries are expected to be added soon.” said.

What do you guys think about the three new features introduced by Adam Mosseri? Don’t forget to mention your ideas in the comments section!

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