Increase Your Sales with Instagram

With e-commerce, there are many platforms where companies that sell or want to sell products on the internet can exhibit their products. Although e-commerce sites are the first platforms that come to mind when it comes to selling products on the Internet, there has been an increase in the number of e-commerce platforms with the changing shopping habits, the increase in the use of social media and the emergence of new sales channels. Instagram, which is among the social media platforms, is one of the sales channels that entered our lives.

The story, which started with the obligation of corporate representation, led to the emergence of brand new sales techniques thanks to the new features added to social media platforms. While Instagram was a platform that provided corporate representation in the early periods, it started to benefit brands as a means of ensuring customer satisfaction, increasing brand awareness, reaching the target audience and making sales.

Let’s take a look at how Instagram affects our commercial life. In this article named Effective Selling Guide and Techniques on Instagram, we will provide information about what kind of opportunities Instagram offers us in the field of sales and how Instagram sales are made in World!

Instagram is a social media application that was launched on October 6, 2010, where people share photos and videos.

Thanks to the features such as Instagram, live broadcast, IGTV, InstaShop, where new features are added every day, it has become a more active and social media platform that has started to be used in different areas. Thanks to the Insta Shop feature that has been added recently, companies have started to sell on Instagram.

Monitor Instagram’s Successful Stores

The first important thing you need to do to sell on Instagram, one of the most important social media platforms where the pulse of the e-commerce industry is beat, is to examine the stores with high sales performance here. Observe well what they are selling, how they are selling and what they are doing very well. If you can put original ideas on the sales strategies of such Instagram sales boutiques, your probability of success will increase equally. Increase Your Sales with Instagram

Decide What You Want to Sell

Another factor in the area of what companies wanting to sell on Instagram should know is what they want to sell. Since there are many companies that sell on Instagram, it is very important what you sell on this platform on behalf of your brand. To decide what to sell;

  • Do research on top selling products online.
  • Check out the trending products in e-commerce.
  • Take a look at how competitors differ when selling related products.
  • Identify the most searched products in search engines.

By completing these steps and doing a good market research, you can find products to be sold on the internet and Instagram. In this way, you can decide on the best selling products on the internet and earn income by selling these products on Instagram.

Do Competitor Analysis

After deciding on the products they want to sell, companies that want to sell on Instagram should get information about the companies that sell the products they want to sell. In short, it is very important to do competitor analysis before you start selling on Instagram. When making competitor analysis;

Do research on top selling products online.
Check out the trending products in e-commerce.
Take a look at how competitors differ when selling related products.
Identify the most searched products in search engines.

You should consider factors such as and you should develop a sharing strategy. Thanks to competitor analysis, you can get to know your company’s competitors better, and you can take actions to get ahead of your competitors after your analysis.

Know Your Target Audience

Another factor that companies that will sell on Instagram should pay attention to is your target audience. When selling products on Instagram, there is an audience that your products appeal to, and the better you know this audience, you can prepare sharing types that will attract their attention and increase your sales. Knowing your target audience will also enable you to achieve successful results in your advertising efforts.

Open a Business Account

One of the first things companies that want to sell on Instagram do is to open an Instagram business account. Increase Your Sales with Instagram

The business account, which is the most used account type by small, medium and large-sized companies, is an account type that allows your Instagram account to be separated from personal accounts. There are many important advantages that a business account provides to brands.

  • It will increase your customers’ trust in your brand. In addition, business accounts also shorten the time for brands to access statistical data and report.
  • It will make it easier for you to access reports that are important for your brand such as Interaction, Impression, Follower, Save, Message.
  • It will be easier for you to reach the demographic information of the people who follow your brand.
  • It will make it easier for you to access information about the time your followers spend on Instagram and the hours they are active.
  • It will allow you to tag your products on the posts you share and direct your customers to your e-commerce site when selling from Instagram.

You should use business accounts for your company, which are very advantageous for selling on Instagram, and speed up your decision-making process during product sales in the future, thanks to your business account.

Try to Reflect Your Corporate Identity

If you want to show a successful e-commerce performance on Instagram, you must first instill confidence in your followers. In order to establish a relationship of trust between you and your potential customers, you must try to reflect your corporate identity.

Having a corporate logo that will reflect your brand identity, regular social media sharing and images, hashtags and post texts you will use during your social media shares, an Instagram business account and an e-commerce site will be beneficial for your company to display a corporate image on Instagram.

Use a Reliable Payment Method

Do not forget that one of the most important things for online shoppers is Payment Methods. The most used payment methods today are cash on delivery, money order, debit card and credit card payments.

Companies selling from Instagram generally use the money order method the most. However, this payment method does not give confidence to most Instagram users. For this reason, it is very important for companies that want to sell products on Instagram to diversify their payment methods.

If you direct your followers to reliable payment methods, the conversions you get from your posts will increase visibly. To do this, you can open an e-commerce site or use the link payment methods of virtual pos providers such as iyzico. This will both make it easier for you to reach people who want to shop with credit and debit cards and help you increase your sales.

Make Your Brand’s Logo Your Instagram Profile Photo

You may have seen that companies selling on Instagram often use brand logos in their profile photos. The use of brand logos in Instagram profile photos strengthens the corporate identity of a brand.

You should also take care to use your brand logo in your profile photo while editing your account that you have created to sell on Instagram. This will both make it easier for you to reflect your corporate identity and give clues to the people in your target audience that you are a reliable brand.

Optimize Your Instagram Profile Based on Your Business Information

One of the first factors that people who will buy products from Instagram consider is brand reliability. Generally, trusted brands optimize their Instagram profiles for business information. You can create a reliable brand image in your target audience by optimizing your Instagram profile according to your business information. To make optimization studies on your Instagram profile;

  • Make sure to use a business account.
  • If your company has an e-commerce site, add it to your profile.
  • Take care to share elements such as your company’s full address and cargo shipping conditions in the biography section of your profile.
  • Edit the buttons for your followers to contact you. You can use options such as e-mail address and telephone address while editing the contact buttons.

Increase Your Sales with Instagram

Advertise Your Instagram Page and Products

You may have seen that companies selling on Instagram usually do activities such as page promotion and product promotion.

These promotions made by Instagram sellers are made with Instagram ads, and the main purpose in these studies is to reach the target audience and sell products.

You can also promote your page and product with Instagram ads and increase your product sales by reaching your target audience. Important points to consider when advertising your Instagram page and products are as follows;

  • Get to know your Target Audience closely.
  • Pay attention to the ad headline, ad text and images you will use in your ad campaigns.
  • Do call to action advertising.
  • Consider your target audience when determining your budget.

You can reach your target audience more easily and increase your product sales, thanks to the Instagram ads you will put in consideration of the factors mentioned above.

Do Influencer Marketing Studies

One of the other marketing models used by companies selling on Instagram is influencer marketing. Generally, companies that do influencer marketing activities;

  • With a high number of followers
  • Containing part of the target audience
  • With high interaction rate

He takes care to work with influencers. You can also do influencer marketing activities for the products you sell on Instagram and increase your product sales by reaching the followers of the influencer you work with.

Work Integrated in the Instagram Shop

One of the Instagram features that has been used for a long time in the world. InstaShop is an Instagram feature that enables the Instagram stores and e-commerce sites of companies selling products from Instagram to work in an integrated manner.

Generally, with this feature, companies can tag their products in their posts and make sales by directing them to e-commerce sites. It is very important to use InstaShop, which is a very important feature to offer secure payment methods and strengthen the brand identity.

Share Impressive Images

Since Instagram is a visual-based social media platform, those who want to sell on Instagram should pay great attention to sharing images and videos. By taking care to professionally prepare the content that your company will share on Instagram, you can create a corporate brand image in your customers and gain the trust of your customers.

You can share videos while sharing your Instagram posts, or you can promote your products with images that will show your products from every angle by using the multi-sharing feature, which is among the Instagram features.

In order to increase your conversions on Instagram, you can design your own images or create your sharing images with the help of professional people.

Pay Attention to Correct #Hashtag Use

If you are thinking about how to make Instagram sales, you should pay attention to the use of the correct #hashtag (tag) in order to increase your performance as much as possible in terms of Instagram sales ideas. Using #hashtags that are directly related to the product you want to sell will make it easier for you to reach your targeted potential customers. Also, remember that you can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram!

Instagram is an Important Tool for Loyal Customers

One of the most important issues of commerce and e-commerce is to remind yourself to customers and to create a loyal customer base.

Businesses have a high chance of reminding themselves to their customers and potential customers through posts, stories and shared videos. In this respect, whether or not sales are made, Instagram is very important especially for businesses engaged in e-commerce. But the first thing companies should consider in order to create a loyal customer base is to plan their sharing regularly and accurately.

In short, companies that will sell on Instagram should prepare a social media plan and take care to share regularly in accordance with this plan. You can schedule your posts and create your loyal customer base more easily by determining your shares, post texts and hashtags within the framework of a social media plan for your company.

There are legal regulations that companies that sell on Instagram are bound by. These legal regulations are handled within the framework of company establishment, tax regulation and invoicing.

Company Establishment; Companies selling products on the Internet have to issue invoices for the products they sell, regardless of the platform on which they are sold. For this reason, companies must make online sales within the framework of a company in order to become a taxpayer. Today, the most common type of company established by people who will sell on Instagram are sole proprietorships. You can also establish a company according to your field of activity and make your sales legally.

Billing; It is very important that you issue an invoice for every product you sell. It should not be forgotten that if an invoice is not issued for the products sold, the people who purchase the product have the right to complain to the tax office. If a customer complains about you due to invoicing, legal action will be taken by the tax officers and your company will be penalized.

Tax Payments; There is VAT to be paid monthly on the product invoices of the companies that sell products from Instagram. This VAT value is a type of tax for paying the VAT on your product purchase and sale price to the government. In addition, you have to pay income tax on the invoices you issue on behalf of your company.

These procedures may differ from country to country.

Instagram is a very important platform for businesses. Instagram, which is one of the platforms where visuality stands out in general, has a wide range of attractive aspects. For this reason, the use of Instagram is very important for businesses. So why should you use Instagram for your business, let’s take a look at it together.

  • Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms today. Every day, millions of people spend time on this platform and interact with other users.
  • Many of the people who want to get information about certain subjects, have a fun time, and learn about other people’s lifestyles do their research on Instagram. This platform, where visuality is important, is very useful for influencing your target audience.
  • Businesses on Instagram can reach their target audiences more easily.
  • Instagram promotions are generally more affordable than other advertising platforms. For this reason, companies can reach their target audiences more easily with low costs.
  • Thanks to the live broadcast feature, story sharing and IGTV on Instagram, brands can reach more people.
  • Thanks to the features available in Instagram business accounts, companies can more easily access interaction, likes, followers and advertisement reports. This allows you to make the right decisions for your company’s post sharing, advertising and promotional activities.
  • Thanks to the Instagram shop feature, e-commerce companies can increase sales more easily by integrating their Instagram accounts and e-commerce sites.

The attractive aspects of Instagram for businesses are too numerous to count. However, we have shared with you the features that will benefit your company the most. The features we shared with you above show why a business should be on Instagram. You should also take care to create a page that will represent your business on Instagram, one of the most used social media platforms, and increase your sales by reaching your target audience.

The social media tool that can be operated closest to the store window logic is Instagram. Instagram is a platform that can give the appearance of an e-commerce site with its flow page, features and InstaShop feature. When you put the products page of an e-commerce site and an Instagram page that wants to sell side by side, you will notice the great similarity.

Sales made on Instagram will make you feel like you are shopping on a website, and people will be able to shop easily on Instagram. For this reason, it is very important to move your business to Instagram and to carry out your sales through this channel.

You can also use Instagram as the showcase of your store and increase your sales from Instagram by sharing impressive product photos and videos, by influencing your target audience.

It is obvious that people who want to sell on Instagram want to get information about this subject. Generally, people who want to sell on Instagram lose their income because they do not start selling without getting information about Instagram sales.

For this reason, we have gathered together the most frequently asked questions of those who want to sell on Instagram. By examining this section, you can find answers to the question marks in your mind and you can reach other questions about how to sell on Instagram.

Can I Sell My E-commerce Products on Instagram?

People with e-commerce sites can sell their products on Instagram. E-commerce companies that want to sell on Instagram can generally sell their e-commerce products on Instagram in two ways.

  • Product, Campaign promotion
  • Instashop Feature

It is the most used method by e-commerce companies when selling their products on Instagram.

Companies that make sales with the promotion of the product, the campaign generally promote their products and campaigns by using the Instagram post, story and live broadcast features and sell their products in this way.

The second InstaShop feature, on the other hand, is realized thanks to the e-commerce site and InstaShop integration. The use of Instashop may differ depending on the infrastructure company you use on your e-commerce site.

How to Open a Business Account on Instagram?

We shared with you that it is better for companies that want to sell on Instagram to open a business account. To convert an existing account on Instagram to a business account and to open a business account on Instagram;

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Click on the 3 lines on your Instagram profile.
  • Login to the Settings Section
  • Click on the account section in the Settings section.
  • Click on Switch to professional account. In this section, Instagram will give you information about business accounts. After reviewing this section, click the continue button.
  • If your Instagram and Facebook accounts are linked, this section will show you the pages you can use for your business profile. But if you haven’t integrated it, you need to integrate Facebook and Instagram. You can do this easily by logging into Facebook on the same device.
  • After the integration, you must choose the page you will use for your Instagram business account among the Facebook pages. If there is no page, you can create a new page and start using it by connecting your Instagram business account to this page.

Is There a Tax for Selling on Instagram?

One of the most frequently asked questions by those who want to sell on Instagram is is there a tax on selling from Instagram?

Companies selling on Instagram are required to issue invoices and pay taxes for each product they sell. For this reason, it is very important that you invoice every product you sell when selling products on Instagram.

It should not be forgotten that if an invoice is not issued to a person who buys a product from your company, the customer has the right to complain to the tax office and the tax officers who are faced with such a situation will initiate legal action.

Do I need to set up a company to sell on Instagram?

It is very important to establish a company to sell on Instagram. Because every product sold online must be invoiced. Today, people who can issue invoices are those who sell under the roof of a company. For this reason, you should take care to establish a company before you start selling on Instagram.

Those who want to establish a company to sell on Instagram usually start their activities by establishing a sole proprietorship, joint stock company and limited liability company. You can set up one of these types of companies and start selling on Instagram.

How Can I Increase the Number of Followers on Instagram?

  • Increasing followers on Instagram is very important for e-commerce companies. In order to increase the followers of the brands on Instagram;
  • Quality content production
  • Advertising and promotional activities
  • Draw
  • Influencer marketing

He works like this. However, it is also known that many companies use instagram follower tricks today. However, it is very important for companies to acquire followers organically, both not to damage the brand image and to reach the right target audience in advertising studies. In order to increase the number of your followers on Instagram, you can also produce quality content, and you can increase your number of followers by reaching your target audience with advertising activities.

How Do I Explore on Instagram?

There are important points that those who want to explore on Instagram should know.

  • Quality Content Production
  • Post descriptions and hashtag usage
  • Sharing time
  • Number of Saves
  • Comments, Likes and
  • Engagement Rates
  • Video shares

Instagram is an important point to be considered for exploring. To explore on Instagram, you can pay attention to the points we shared with you above and increase your chances of discovering.

What Do People Buy Most Online?

The products that people buy most on the internet differ according to their needs. Usually the best selling products on the internet are;

  • Women’s, Men’s, Baby’s and Children’s clothing products
    phone accessories
  • Pet shop products
  • Sports Equipment
  • Hygiene and Personal Care Products
  • Electronic

These are the products sold in their categories. But since the Covid-19 pandemic that emerged in 2019, it would be correct to say that the best-selling products on the internet are masks, disinfectants and colognes.

How to Advertise on Instagram?

Those who want to advertise on Instagram can advertise through the promotions section of their Instagram profile. People who will advertise from the Instagram promotions section can place Instagram ads by defining the target audience and determining a budget after choosing the post they want to advertise.

Another method used by those who want to advertise on Instagram is Facebook Business Manager. People and companies using Facebook Business Manager can easily give many types of advertisements such as page promotion, product and campaign promotion through this platform.

Should I Use Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a tool developed by facebook used to advertise on platforms such as instagram and facebook. Facebook Business Manager;

  • Creating a target audience
  • Identifying a Facebook pixel
    To advertise
  • Accessing the reports of the ads it gives
  • Using Instashop and Facebook store features by creating a product catalog

It is a platform that anyone should use. You should also take care to use facebook business manager to easily perform the transactions we shared above and to easily access your page, advertisement and interaction reports.

Should I Use InstaShop to Sell Products on Instagram?

InstaShop, one of the latest features of Instagram opened to Turkey, is very important for those who sell products on the internet. Thanks to the Instashop feature, companies can integrate Instagram and e-commerce sites. Instashop;

  • Drive traffic to your e-commerce site
  • Demonstrating a reliable brand image
  • Creating a loyal customer base
  • Providing its customers with secure payment options

It is an Instagram feature that anyone should use. Therefore, it is very important to use InstaShop to sell products on Instagram.

Is It Legal to Sell on Instagram?

In this section of our article titled Guide to Effective Selling on Instagram, Techniques, we will answer the question of whether it is legal to sell on Instagram.

Selling on Instagram is legal. However, people who want to sell on Instagram must establish a company to sell legally and issue an invoice for every sale they make on Instagram.

How to Send Cargo for Those Who Want to Sell on Instagram?

Those who want to sell on Instagram use different shipping methods when sending the products they sell to their customers.

  • Individual cargo delivery
  • Corporate cargo delivery

These are the shipping methods used. In individual cargo shipments for sales from Instagram, sellers ship their products in accordance with the prices determined by the cargo companies. In corporate cargo shipments, sellers make an agreement with a cargo company and deliver their products to their customers with agreed cargo prices.

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