How to Prepare SEO Report?

Seo Report is a report about analyzing an e-commerce site. It usually gives information about the SEO optimization errors in the virtual store and the improvements that should be made on the website. You can also get information about preparing a comprehensive seo report from our article How to Prepare an SEO Report. Before talking about preparing an SEO report, let’s first talk about what an SEO report is and how important it is.

Seo reports are very important reports for those who have a virtual store. With the analyzes made in a short time, virtual store owners can obtain a lot of information about search engine optimization.

  • SEO Reports are the most ideal reports to understand the errors found on e-commerce sites.
  • Thanks to SEO reports, people with e-commerce sites can see traffic sources and improve their marketing in this way.
  • Thanks to the improvements made as a result of SEO Reports, the visibility of e-commerce sites in search engines is increasing.
  • SEO reports should be in a language that everyone can understand.

In this section, where we start to answer the question of how to prepare an SEO report, we will first talk about titles and keywords.

Keywords are very important in SEO Reports. If you want to prepare a seo report for an e-commerce site, you must first determine the keywords and title tags on the site. When analyzing keywords, you should be very careful to use a keyword only once. If there are duplicate keywords among the keywords, you should add them to the report and indicate their negative aspects.

Articles on e-commerce sites usually have a title tag. However, in some periods, writing these title tags is skipped due to carelessness. To create a regular seo report after keyword analysis, you should also check the title tags and add the articles with missing titles to this report. Since titles must have a maximum of 65 characters to stand out in Google, analyze titles containing 65+ characters and include them in your SEO report.

All content on an e-commerce site must be original in all its forms. Usually, many e-commerce software sites contain duplicate content and this is also seen in meta descriptions. This situation causes the site to be perceived badly in search engines and can lead to a decrease in rankings. For this reason, it is very important that you put the repeated content and meta descriptions in your virtual store in the SEO report. In addition, while preparing the content section, you can add content under 300 words to this section.

One of the most important things in SEO work is Meta and Photo descriptions. Meta descriptions are usually descriptions that provide information about your article and are important to write. Since keywords must be included in the meta descriptions, identify a place in the SEO analysis report among the articles that do not have a meta description and where the keyword does not exceed 2 in the meta description, and add the missing or incorrect meta descriptions here. In order to improve your report, it is very important that you provide information about the photo descriptions. You can also analyze which photos do not include keywords and add them to your SEO report.

For a virtual store, the referral word denotes sending the reader from one link to another link. Since some online stores have excessive referrals, they are not welcome in search engines. To avoid this, you can also add hyperlinks in the SEO report.

Broken links, on the other hand, are broken links in an online store and are generally not welcomed by search engines. If you want to prepare an SEO report, you can also mention broken links in this report and give information about the need for improvement.

Links that give 404 Errors are also perceived as a negative result in search engines for e-commerce sites. For this reason, when preparing an SEO Report, information should be given about links that give 404 errors.

Long Links are also known as links that show an e-commerce site badly in search engines. In general, a page link should be a maximum of 128 characters. While preparing the SEO report, create a section where you show the links that exceed the 128 character limit.

Internal Links is also a category in the seo report. Internal links are used to increase the overall user experience in a virtual store. While these internal links are sometimes sufficient, sometimes they can be insufficient. You should identify the insufficient links in an article in your virtual store and provide in-site backlinks and specify them in the SEO Report.

External links (Off-site Backlinks) are also an area you should add to your SEO report. External links are generally links that show references from different sites. While these links provide success in SEO optimization when they are taken from the right sites, they bring failures when they are not taken from the right sites. You can query the backlinks from e-commerce sites that are malignant on Google and specify this in the SEO Report.

In this part of our article, where we answer the questions of those who say how to prepare a Seo report, we will talk about Page Loading Speed. Page loading speed shows how many seconds a user can reach that page when they come to your virtual store. Generally, slow page load speed is an unwanted thing in SEO optimization, so you can measure page load speeds while preparing an SEO Report and add it to your report.

In this part of the question of how to prepare a Seo Report, we will provide information about mobile compatibility. Since search engines are generally used more than mobile devices, it is a very important seo criterion for the virtual store to be mobile-friendly. While you are preparing the seo report, you should find the pages that are not mobile friendly and add them to your report.

One of the most important things to prepare a SEO report is to analyze. If you want to prepare a good seo report, it is very important to present certain analyzes for the e-commerce site in the form of a table at the beginning or at the end of your report. While preparing the SEO Report, take care to make the following analyzes;

  • Traffic
  • Bounce Rate
  • Keywords That Bring The Most
  • Traffic
  • Ranking of Keywords

You can generally analyze traffic using Google Analytics. When putting this into your SEO Report, you should consider where the most traffic comes from in organic searches (e-commerce site, social media, backlink). You should put them in your seo report in tables and provide information about them.

You should also add the bounce rate section, which is very important for SEO studies, into your seo report and provide information about the most exited pages.

You can support your report by putting tables such as the pages with the most traffic, the keywords that bring the most traffic, which are data that you can obtain through Google Analytics.

Another very important topic in Google Seo Studies is keyword ranking. You should not forget to choose the appropriate keywords for the target audience. While preparing an SEO Report, it is very important to include the ranking analysis of the keywords that provide information about the keywords on your e-commerce site.

In the last part of how to prepare an SEO Report, we will talk about the suggestions section. Having a suggestions section at the end of the seo report you have prepared for a brand helps to explain how you can optimize your SEO. To do this, you can share the explanations about the mistakes you find in your online store in this section and tell what you suggest and what you can do to correct these mistakes.

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