How to Grow Instagram Page Organically

Instagram page enlargement is one of the most important Instagram studies that every commercial brand attaches importance to. Because the bigger the Instagram page of the brands, the more trust they give to their target audience. This helps businesses that do digital marketing on Instagram to increase their sales and brand awareness.

There are two different Instagram account growth methods that people looking for answers to the question of how to develop an Instagram account can choose. These are the methods of growing Instagram organically and growing Instagram by paying. Generally, brands give importance to organic Instagram growth studies, which are among these methods. Because the developments in Instagram accounts developed with this method are more permanent than the other method.

In this article titled How You Can Grow Instagram Page Organically, which we have prepared for people and businesses who want to develop an Instagram account, we will talk about certain tactics you can use while developing your page. You can also review this article and learn how to improve your Instagram account organically.

There are many factors that people and businesses that want to grow their Instagram account organically should pay attention to. Developing a good Instagram Strategy also helps brands grow their accounts.

The main issues that people and businesses that want to improve their Instagram pages should pay attention to are;

  • Audience and Competitor Analysis
  • Instagram Strategy
  • Regular Sharing
  • Content Quality and
  • Hashtags
  • Using Stories, Reels and Live Streaming
  • Feature
  • Instagram Ads

These are the main factors that brands that want to grow their Instagram account should pay attention to. Let’s take a closer look at these elements together.

Target audience and competitor analysis is one of the main issues that brands that want to develop organic instagram page growth strategies should pay attention to.

Target group; It is the name given to the community where brands want to promote their products and services and sell their products. Generally, the people in the target audience of each brand differ from each other.

Audience analysis is a very important issue for businesses that want to develop Instagram page growth strategies. Because with target audience analysis, businesses;

  • When should I post?
  • What kind of content should I share on Instagram?
  • What language should I use in post texts?
  • Should I give importance to image sharing or video sharing?
  • What kind of strategy should I follow to get my followers to buy products?

They can find answers to questions such as, and thus develop their Instagram strategies more accurately.

Competitor Analysis, on the other hand, is the name given to the analyzes made by brands to recognize their competitors in the same sector and to discover the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors. Thanks to competitor analysis, businesses can get information about their competitors’ instagram strategies and see how they can differentiate themselves from other companies. Thus, brands can develop the right Instagram strategies and grow their Instagram accounts organically.

Businesses that want to grow their Instagram account organically need to develop their Instagram strategies after target audience and competitor analysis. While developing the Instagram strategy;

  • Sharing days and times
  • Share images, texts and hashtags
  • Instagram Features to be used (Story, Reels and IGTV etc.)
  • Advertising Studies (Budget etc.)

It should pay attention to such matters. Thus, businesses will have the opportunity to grow their pages on Instagram by developing an advertising strategy that is both suitable for their target audience and differentiating them from their competitors. If you want to improve your Instagram page, you should take care to determine an Instagram strategy in line with these issues.

Since the Instagram algorithm is constantly changing and being developed, brands that regularly share on Instagram are now more prominent. For this reason, regular posts, which are among the strategies to grow an organic instagram account, are at the top of the important issues for every brand.

Businesses that carry out digital marketing activities on Instagram determine the sharing days and hours after the target audience analysis. Brands that want to share regularly usually prepare a monthly social media plan and share according to this plan. In addition, businesses use social media planning programs and plan their posts in order to act in accordance with the sharing days and hours.

If you want to grow your brand’s Instagram account organically, you can create a monthly social media calendar and share regularly using social media planning programs.

If you want to grow your Instagram page organically, you need to pay a lot of attention to your content. Because Instagram users usually prefer to follow professional-looking brand accounts, and therefore Instagram accounts that share quality content grow more easily.

To gain organic followers on Instagram, you need to pay attention to certain elements while improving the quality of your content.

  • While editing images and videos for your Instagram posts, prepare images and videos suitable for Instagram share size.
  • Pay attention to editing the images and videos you will use in your posts with professional photo editing tools.
  • Take your photos and videos professionally in a studio environment.
  • When preparing your post texts, determine a sharing language suitable for your target audience.
  • Use sentences that will increase your interaction in the post texts. E.g; You can also use a sentence such as tag a friend in the comments that you associate this product with.
  • Pay attention to the use of hashtags in your posts and use hashtag analysis tools to choose the right hashtags.

Considering these, you can increase your Instagram post quality and thus increase your Instagram page organically by giving confidence to the people in your target audience.

Since Instagram is a social media platform that develops every day, it offers different features to users from time to time. Story, live broadcast and Reels features are the newest features of Instagram and people who want to grow their Instagram accounts organically should use these features. Because;

  • Many people who do not want to spend time on the Instagram timeline use the stories feature of Instagram.
  • In the Instagram stories feature, there are many features that brands can diversify their content.
  • Thanks to the Stories feature, brands make their storytelling work easier.
  • With the live broadcast feature, businesses easily gain the trust of their followers.
  • Instagram Reels videos are easier to discover. This enables people and businesses that want to reach people in their target audience to get faster results.
  • Instagram Reels videos are watched by more people.

People who want to take advantage of such advantages and aim to grow their Instagram account should take care to use the Live Broadcast, Story and Reels features, which are among the features of Instagram.

If you want to grow your Instagram page organically and quickly, you need to reach people in your target audience. In order to reach your target audience, it is very important that you advertise on Instagram periodically.

To advertise on Instagram;

  • Target audience determination
  • Create an ad post
  • Ad targeting
  • Setting an ad budget

You can do similar work and thus give Instagram ads. With Instagram ads, you can easily reach your target audience and grow your brand’s Instagram page organically.

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