How to Get Real Followers on Instagram?

One of the biggest problems faced by people and businesses that have just opened their Instagram account or want to expand their accounts is the number of followers. Because the target audiences and followers of Instagram accounts develop over time. This is the biggest factor that makes it difficult for businesses that open new Instagram accounts to grow their accounts. But today, many businesses can grow their accounts organically by spending more time on Instagram. In this article called How to Get Real Followers on Instagram, we will tell you about strategies to grow your Instagram page organically. You can also review this article and gain real followers on Instagram.

Those who want to gain organic followers on Instagram can usually increase their followers organically, thanks to certain tactics and strategies.


An organic follower is the name given to the audience that follows your brand on social media platforms, comments on the posts you share and likes your posts. In short, organic followers do not remain as a number like fake accounts and interact with your company.

Gaining organic followers provides many advantages to brands on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Let’s take a look at the Advantages of Gaining Organic Followers.

  • Organic followers ensure that your brand account gives confidence to its target audience.
  • Thanks to organic followers, brands reach people in their target audiences more easily.
  • Organic followers increase the efficiency you get from your shares.
  • Thanks to your shares, you will reach your target audience more easily, thus reducing your advertising and promotion costs.
  • If your organic followers buy products and services from your brand, your brand’s capital will increase.
  • It helps you to compete more easily with your competitors.

These are the main advantages that organic real earning brings to brands. If you want to take advantage of these advantages, you should pay attention to the ways to gain followers on Instagram and apply these strategies.

Businesses that want to grow their Instagram accounts organically often do specific work. Businesses that will carry out these studies act by planning every sharing process from sharing time to sharing quality, from post texts to hashtags.

  • Sharing Time
  • Visual and Video Professionalism
  • Post Texts
  • Hashtag Selection
  • Using Instagram Features
  • Ads
  • Reports and Analysis

These are the basic issues that every business that wants to gain organic followers on Instagram should pay attention to.

Regular sharing is one of the things that every brand that wants to gain real followers on Instagram should pay attention to. Because the Instagram algorithm highlights the social media accounts that work for Instagram. For this reason, brands and people who regularly share on Instagram gain Instagram organic followers more easily.

There are important points that businesses that want to reach their target audience and increase organic followers by sharing regularly.

  • First, analyze your target audience and analyze the time periods in which people in your target audience spend the most time on Instagram.
  • When determining your sharing days and hours, try to choose the periods when your target audience is active.
  • Take care to share stories to keep your interaction on the days when you won’t be posting.
  • Analyze when your posts get the most engagement using your page statistics.

Considering these, you can also set your sharing days and times, so that your Instagram posts are discovered. By exploring, you can reach people who will be interested in your page and gain organic followers on Instagram.

If you want to gain organic followers on Instagram, remember that you need to pay attention to your posts. Because today, many Instagram users prefer to follow Instagram accounts that look professional and give confidence. For this reason, brands need to pay attention to certain things when creating their posts.

  • While preparing the images and videos you will create for your posts, take care to prepare images suitable for Instagram video and photo sizes.
  • When preparing your post texts, use a language suitable for your target audience and include call to action sentences in your texts.
  • Take care to use hashtags while preparing your posts. When choosing your hashtags, pay attention to using hashtag analysis tools.
  • After a while after sharing the post, review the statistics of the posts you shared and take a look at the interaction rates.

Thus, you can create professional posts for your Instagram page and measure whether your post is liked or not by checking the post statistics.

One of the Instagram features that people who want to gain real followers on Instagram should pay attention to is the Instagram Reels Feature. Instagram Reels is an Instagram feature where users can share videos with sounds and effects on Instagram.

Usually, videos shared through this feature are 15 seconds long. But the shorter the Instagram Reels videos, the wider their impact. Because the Instagram Algorithm brings the Instagram accounts that use this feature more to the fore and helps them fall into discovery. For this reason, it is very important for people and businesses who want to gain real followers on Instagram to use Instagram Reels, one of the most effective features of Instagram.

If you want to grow your Instagram page organically, you can browse through Instagram Reels ideas and shoot trending Reels videos. Thus, you can fall into Instagram discovery more easily and increase your follower count.

One of the most used methods of increasing followers by every brand that wants to gain real followers on Instagram is Instagram raffles. Brands that usually organize sweepstakes on Instagram;

  • Following the Page
  • Like and Save the Post
  • Tag a Friend in a Post
  • Sharing the Post on Story

It organizes sweepstakes by determining such conditions. Thanks to Instagram sweepstakes, brands both increase the interaction rates of their Instagram pages and have the opportunity to gain followers quickly. If you want to gain real followers on Instagram, you can organize raffles on Instagram and thus increase your interaction rates and number of followers.

The Instagram Stories feature, which is a feature of Instagram inspired by Snapchat, is among the features that Instagram users who want to gain real followers should pay attention to. Because you can diversify your content in the Instagram Stories feature;

  • Questionnaire
  • Questions
  • Ask me a question
  • Music
  • GIF
  • Effect

There are many such features. People and brands using these features both create impressive Instagram stories and attract the attention of their followers more easily. If you want to gain real followers on Instagram, you can use the Instagram Stories Feature, where you can diversify your content.

Influencer marketing is a digital marketing method in which brands promote brands, products and services in collaboration with Instagram accounts with high followers. Generally, thanks to Influencer Marketing studies, businesses increase their brand awareness by reaching their target audiences. In addition, thanks to Influencer Marketing efforts, brands can promote their Instagram accounts and gain real followers on Instagram.

If you want to gain organic followers on Instagram, you can do Influencer Marketing studies and thus introduce your brand to more people.

Thanks to the Insta Story Module, which is included in Ticimax e-commerce infrastructures, you can publish your Instagram Stories on your e-commerce site and thus ensure that users who visit your site are aware of your Instagram account. Thanks to the Insta Story module, you can increase both the trust you give to consumers and your sales more easily.

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