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How to get more viewers on Twitch? 2022 Guide

One of the most common questions asked by streamers of all skill levels is, “How do I get more viewers for my Twitch stream?” or “How do I increase my viewers?” Ok, there is no single answer to this question. And getting more viewers on Twitch takes time and dedication. But if you are ready and committed, you will be successful. We will explain how to get more viewers to your Twitch stream.

We explained Twitch and getting money on Twitch before. Not we’re focusing on gaining an audience on Twitch and make your channel viewed by others.

Here is 30 things to gain more viewers on Twitch.

  1. Play games with lots of viewers and not a lot of broadcasters
  2. Be chatty: No more boring slience
  3. Use unparalleled titles
  4. Don’t stream saturated games
  5. Have friends and family watch your stream
  6. Guest post on other websites
  7. Use a chatbot
  8. Stream during the “golden hours”
  9. Post and answer questions in Reddit
  10. Invite people you play with to watch your stream
  11. Have a determined stream schedule
  12. Make Youtube videos
  13. Be active in forums of the game you play
  14. Stream often
  15. Giveaways or promotions
  16. Create cool overlays
  17. Get hosted by another streamer
  18. Make your stream fun
  19. Create social media accounts
  20. Use high quality equipment (webcam, mic, etc.)
  21. Create a website and install the Twitch Live Plugin
  22. Play in tournaments
  23. Make friends in other streaming communities
  24. Stream with high energy
  25. Have your current viewers invite others
  26. Raid another person’s channel
  27. Enjoy the game you play
  28. Do a test stream before going live to test the quality
  29. Post when you are going live on your socials
  30. Play a game that is newly released

Play games with lots of viewers

If you are looking for a game to stream and you are trying to attract new viewers, you need to watch a game that has a lot of viewers and not many streamers.

Therefore, I recommend streaming games where you will be in the top 15, top 20. If there are more than 20 people streaming a game, you are considered to have found another game, especially if the other 20 people have more viewers than you.

One website that can really help you identify good games to stream is It shows how many viewers a game has and how many people have streamed that game. This can really help you identify games that are good for streaming.

When searching for a game, you want to make sure that the game you want to watch has enough viewers to get noticed.
What I recommend are at least 1k or a thousand viewers.

So if a particular game has at least 1k viewers and 15 or fewer people are broadcasting the game then you are golden!

Be chatty: No more boring slience

This is really important. If someone enters your stream and you are sitting there quietly, then they are out. Why will they stay here? Who wants to sit there and watch you sit there?

Just like on TV, the radio silence is terrible! People adapt to have fun. They tune in to chat and interact with the streamer, so if you’re not having fun or building relationships on your stream, it’s likely that anyone will stick around to watch you. It may sound crazy, but try talking to yourself. Practice describing what you are doing as you play. Do this so you don’t get caught off-guard if someone goes on your stream and you can keep doing your job. It makes it look natural. Removing radio silence from your stream is crucial to acquiring and retaining viewers.

Make your friends and family watch your stream

So here are three reasons why friends and family can help you get more viewers on your stream.

First, and this should be clear, having friends and family in your stream adds to your overall viewership. So even if they just sit there and say nothing, they continue to be counted as spectators in your conversation.

Second, the more people you have in your chat, the higher your channel will rank as people search for channels to watch. So if you have three viewers, you will rank higher than someone with zero viewers.

So even if most of your viewers are just chilling your friends and family members, having more viewers will be noticed by others.

Finally, people are more likely to run into a stream with people in them. A big part of Twitch is making friends and being part of a community, so if potential viewers are browsing different channels, they will be more likely to visit your channel if they see a few as opposed to zero. Making friends and family feel comfortable on your stream does more than increasing your viewership. As you can see, there are many other indirect effects in your stream for a few people to relax.

Have a determined stream schedule

Dude, this is so important! Especially if you’re new to streaming. The most important thing you can do when you’re new to streaming is to build your community. You probably won’t have many followers or followers, so it’s important that the few followers you have can trust you.
If you broadcast at random times, how will people keep up with you? How can they trust you if you broadcast one day and not the next? Or if you post 3 hours later than scheduled to post?

Now I realize something is up. Completely understandable. But mostly you have to stick to your schedule. Sticking to your schedule is part of building trust in your community. Even most of the big broadcasters have a schedule and they stick to it. Having a consistent schedule also allows people to schedule to watch your stream. If you plan to broadcast at 7:00 every Monday, you best believe that your supporters are waiting for you and waiting for you to be there.

They plan to be there because they want to support you. Don’t disappoint these people.
You can’t just broadcast randomly and expect you to get somewhere. Be responsible and be consistent and you will see results.

Use unparalleled titles

This is one of the most overlooked things you can do when it comes to getting more viewers on Twitch. Big-time streamers can put the word “dog” as the title and still have thousands of people flocking to their channels.

You’re not there yet, so you need to do things that will set you apart from the pack, and a creative title can do just that.
You have to ask yourself, why would someone visit your channel that has only 3 viewers as opposed to someone else’s channel that only has 3 viewers?

Sometimes a creative headline can be the edge that causes someone to click on your post over another person’s stream. I’ve found that asking for help from others in your thread is a good way to motivate people to click on your post. For example, if you are a noob in a game, put this in your headline and ask for help improving the game.

People always want to help other people, so you’d be surprised how willing people can be to help you if you just ask. As a beginner publisher, I cannot stress enough the importance of a creative headline. Don’t sleep on the headlines. Trust in us.

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