How to do SEO Analysis?

The fact that people enter websites using search engines has caused many companies to want to rank higher in search engines. Generally, when examined, the most used search engine in our country is Google, and there are SEM-paid advertising studies and SEO-search engine optimization methods to rank higher in Google. In this article, we will answer the question of how to do seo analysis and talk about what you should pay attention to when doing seo analysis.

Since SEO studies are generally free of charge, many companies want to be at the forefront by performing these studies.

The first step of the question of how to do SEO Analysis is to create a Page List. Making a page list is very important in terms of seo scanning all your pages and solving the problems found on the pages. If you want to remove your Page List, you should download and install the free Screaming Frog SEO Spider software on your computer.

After downloading and installing Screaming Frog Seo Spider, you must enter the Home Page address of your website in the site bar section of the program and start scanning. Note that the crawl time may vary depending on the density of your website and the number of pages. After this scanning process is completed, the resulting page HTML filter should be selected and then the list of pages should be saved as Excel by pressing export. Saving here as Excel is very important in terms of categorizing your list of pages and seeing their keywords.

Open your list of pages that you scanned and downloaded as Excel via the free Screaming Frog SEO Spider. To organize your list of pages, you will need to add a column next to the address column found. It is important that you save this column with the keyword name. Set a relevant keyword for each page in your keyword column. If there are pages that you consider unimportant, you can delete these pages from Excel.

In the 3rd step of the How to Do SEO Analysis question, there are page scanning processes. You can scan your pages individually if you wish, and if you wish, you can use paid software to scan in bulk. SemRush is a software that you can do batch scanning and you can save time by doing batch scanning from this software.

If your website does not have many pages, it will be easier to do single scans. You can use Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica-style software to perform these scans.

Generally, the software that you should use the most for single scans should be Google Search Console. Because with this software, it will be very easy for you to see what problems are on the pages of your website. In addition, we will be able to organize your website more easily with the answers in the help section of Search Console.

In the 4th step of the How to Do SEO Analysis question, we will talk about how to identify the problems. You can see the errors and deficiencies on your website and pages in the report that will be received after single and multiple scans. Understanding and correcting these deficiencies one by one is very important for increasing your SEO rankings. Check for problems such as Keyword, Page Title, Image Description and make sure that the keywords you specify are included here. Otherwise, your SEO rankings will increase more stagnantly.

Determining SEO Strategies is very important for quickly removing errors on the page. Subjects such as CSS, Text – HTML ratio, sitemap.xml, which are usually found in reports, will be of great help to you when determining your seo strategy. If their ratios are not equal, you will need to work with a software developer and Seo expert to determine your Seo Strategy.

Although the cost of this will be a little high for you, it will bring you to the top in the future and thus increase your visitors. Do not forget to evaluate opportunities such as e-commerce SEO packages or e-commerce SEO consultancy.

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