How to Determine the Facebook Target Audience?

Facebook is one of the oldest in the social media world and therefore the platform with the highest number of users in the world. In this way, Facebook, which can reach more crowded and diverse users, has a very wide scope in terms of target audience determination strategies. The path we will follow while creating our target audience will be specific according to this broad scope, and we will be able to reach more customer potential in need. How to Determine the Facebook Audience? In this title, we will try to give you some tips.

The target audience creation process, which is a must for advertising, helps you find new customers, remind yourself to your old customers, and especially to reduce your advertising costs to the extent that your audience is formed. In addition, target audience formation will help you a lot in terms of how your ad will perform.

The golden rule of target audience strategy is not to lose old customers and to attract new customers. Before creating a Facebook audience from a large number of needy users, you must of course set up your Business Manager account, open your advertising account and pair it with your Business Manager account. If you are in the process of identifying your target audience for the first time, you need to choose between three target audiences. These are:

  • Custom Audience
  • Lookalike Audience
  • Recorded Audience

These three target audiences are options with quite different functions. A custom audience includes audiences who have previously contacted your business, reviewed your products, or interacted with at least one of your social media accounts, and indicates a potential customer base that is very important to your business. How to Determine a Facebook Target Audience?

The main names that make up the special target audience are classified as the customer list target audience, website visitors, mobile application visitors, people who have visited your store and finally interacted with your social media accounts. In line with the choices you will make from these classes, you can appeal to a wider audience, or you can create your Facebook target audience from the most refined users thanks to Facebook’s large user base.

If you want, it is even possible to create a customer file using personal information such as an e-mail list or phone number. The customer file is one of the sub-branches of the custom audiences class. Among the users, those who have used their e-mail or number on their Facebook account will fall into this category. For remarketing purposes, you can re-show ads to the relevant audience by entering the e-mail address and phone number information of people who are members of your website but have not purchased a product within the last four-week period, on Facebook.

In addition, you can prepare an excel and derivative file containing your current customer information such as name-surname, e-mail, telephone number. You can add this file to the audience creation area. More detailed customer information leads to more precise results in determining a specific target audience. How to Determine a Facebook Target Audience?

In the special target audience, there are also features to serve ads by separating them by age and similar categories. In this way, you can appeal to the generation you want according to your product type. A lookalike audience is the kind of model you create in your custom audience.

It detects and analyzes the demographic and behavioral movements you choose in the special target audience, then creates a refined audience that may need your products from those with similar characteristics and habits. The recorded target audience, on the other hand, is the target audience compiled from the data created as a result of the activities recorded in the accounts of the people who use Facebook directly or their actions on Facebook.

With the addition of various other options in audience building, you can narrow the field and increase your probability of reaching your target audience. Creating a target audience in Facebook ads, where you can easily identify those in need, will give you very effective results. While you can increase the potential of your brand with Facebook, you can also show that you are ready to grow your business by choosing a package that suits you with Ticimax E-commerce.

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