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How to Create Social Media Reporting and Analysis?

With the development of technology, social media platforms, whose usage is gradually expanding, become even more important for companies that want to move their business to the internet. Social media reporting and analysis are very important in order to achieve the determined targets, expand the customer base and achieve more sales at lower costs.

There are many methods that can be applied for this, as well as very simple steps. By following these simple steps, you can grow your e-commerce company and make it more efficient.

Social media analysis and reporting starts with choosing the right target audience in order to use social media more effectively, to communicate better with your customers and to enable them to easily access the products that are suitable for them. Therefore, you need to carefully segment your target audience in order to present your products that you think are appropriate for your customers.

The shares you will make in order to determine the right target audience and discover their interests will give you the opportunity to get to know your customers better. By measuring your followers’ interactions with your posts on any social media platform, such as comments, likes, shares and retweets, you can easily find out which products your target audience is interested in.

By analyzing the interactions of your followers on social media platforms with your posts, you can understand whether your communication with them is correct. If your posts are shown to all or more of your followers through organic methods, it means that you are sharing appropriate posts for them. In other words, it means that you communicate well with your customers and market your products to them in the most effective ways.

It is important to have the right infrastructure in order to improve the shopping experience of our customers and make their work easier. Considering that today’s users’ attention spans are reduced by 2 seconds, an e-commerce site that works quickly, accurately and efficiently plays a critical role in this regard.

While you are doing social media reporting and analysis, you can make your e-commerce sites more efficient and improve their shopping experience, which is the area you want to direct your customers to. In this way, you can get more efficiency from your e-commerce business and get better conversions from your customers.

One of the best answers to the question of how to do social media analysis is communication with followers. Your customers who contact you show interest in the products you promote on social media platforms. Likewise, your customers who contact you through your e-commerce site are interested in the products you sell. Communication through social media is quite easy nowadays. Your customers, who are accustomed to this convenience, expect the same convenience in e-commerce sites.

Therefore, the infrastructure used is very important. You can make it easier for your customers to contact you by choosing ready-made e-commerce sites developed by Ticimax that provide great convenience to your customers. In this way, you will not lose customers for technical reasons and you can easily increase your conversions.

Considering that online shopping takes place with e-commerce platforms, it is very important that your customers, whom you refer to your website via social media, can shop without any problems. For this, besides using the right e-commerce platform, the infrastructure used should be well optimized and work smoothly.

The e-commerce platform you use is another factor that you should pay attention to during the analysis phase, as it shows your traffic coming from social media. By analyzing this traffic, you can make the necessary adjustments and make sure that the shopping stages go smoothly.

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