How to Create a Facebook Catalog?

The Facebook catalog, which was previously called the product catalog and can be created in an interesting variety suitable for your products, is a Facebook feature that can be used with different advertising formats in which data about your brand or products you want to promote is defined in Facebook ads, and controlled through the catalog manager in connection with Facebook Business. Now How to Create a Facebook Catalog? We will talk about.

Thanks to the product information flow, this process, which allows you to automatically associate your products with the catalog if you wish, offers you great convenience. Catalog types are mainly products, hotels, flights, destinations, dynamic ads, real estate, carousel, collection, ad types, product tagging for Facebook pages, it is also possible to add a new catalog by you.

In an effective Facebook catalog creation process, first of all, if you are using an e-commerce infrastructure, you can start by downloading the file where your products are available and the URL of the file they share with you.

If you are not using an e-commerce infrastructure, you can also request a product file containing your products from the officers in the IT department. If you do not have an e-commerce infrastructure and want to acquire an e-commerce platform, you can contact Ticimax, which is very successful in its field.

All the data about your various products, depending on what your brand and industry is; For example, for the real estate sector, detailed data such as the house posting code, the name of the posting, the URL of the image used in the advertisement, the advertisement address, province, district and similar region information, the country and zip code to which the advertisement is attached should be entered. These are mandatory fields for catalogs.

After the creation of the first step for the catalog, the installation will need to be done. After you prepare your file, you will choose the type of catalog you want to create with the “create catalog” button that appears if you select the all tools section in Facebook Business Manager and click on the product catalogs from there. If you have an e-commerce site such as the service offered by Ticimax, you can choose the e-commerce option. On the next screen, you will find the “see catalog” and “product data sources” fields.

At the next stage, you can perform your transaction with the add product button. While providing these important steps that we have outlined, you will easily be able to see what other steps you need to take. You will be able to maximize your potential with Facebook catalog ads that will create this attraction center.

Thanks to dynamic ads, much more successful targeting can be achieved with the business or directly with the products. Your products are presented with a successful user experience thanks to ads containing collections. In addition, you can easily integrate this process if you get one of the quality package types of Ticimax E-commerce.

This catalog feature of Facebook consists of three main parts. First, the catalog section is the general container for all added products. Second, the data flow is a file that contains different information about the products that you will use in the advertisement content you will create. With these data, for example, a hotel operator can easily share images, prices, discounts and similar details about their rooms. The last one is the product set.

It is the grouping of the products in the catalogue. If you create a product set, you can filter your products based on the values you add in the flow. With product sets, you will have more control over the specific products shown in your ads from within your catalog. You will get the most useful feedback thanks to the Facebook product catalog, which allows you to market your products with prestige.

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