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History of Social Media

Social Media entered our lives very quickly

In fact, it all started without anyone noticing, in 1971, when two computers next to each other sent e-mails to each other. In fact, social media was created without our knowledge of the beginning of social media (SM) by “chatting” on MIRC in different channels with ICQ and people we did not know, where we used to find simple numbers. Unlike these programs, a social networking site called was launched after a while. The idea was very popular and 2 years later came out as a competitor. This platform allowed people to create profiles and create friends lists. In other words, the first steps of today’s Facebook were taken at that time. In the same year, instant messages were offered to people.

Social media is developing…

With the advancement of technology, many innovations have been achieved and all of the new social networks have started to compete with each other. Some refrained from competing, some had to go bankrupt as a result of strategic mistakes they made. After the 2000s, with the turn of the millennium, first Friendster and then MySpace came out. Facebook, which is wonderfully described in The Social Network movie, has joined these channels, especially because of the reactions and needs of the people. Among the projects that have emerged, Twitter, which says “Come on, tell me something with 140 characters”, stepped into the sector after Facebook. As you can understand, the concept of SM has started to settle down with the emergence dates of these channels. The most liked and most used social network among them is Facebook.

What is the place of blogs in Social Media?

Blogs create platforms where people can freely share topics of interest. In fact, we can say that each individual has their own social network. That’s why we have to include blogs in SM. Blogger, a blog site founded in 1999, bought Google in 2003, especially as a result of its free service and the increase of its authors. It was predicted how important blogs will play in these years, and they did not turn out to be unfair. Blogs became more widespread, people shared more and more, and interaction with topics of common interest began to accelerate.

Social media history in brief

From past to present, all people want to do is communicate with each other, with or without a computer. For this reason, there are many types of communication that have been produced and created. SM is the most important of these. In short, SM is a simultaneous digital platform that collects the savings brought by the old technology, emerged with new technologies, and serves for information sharing and communication. So how has social media become so popular? As we said before, social media has been with us for a long time, but most people were unaware. In time, as people needed different communications, these channels started to be noticed gradually. People became even more interested when brands started to turn to these areas and to advertise. Now, social media is an important part of our lives. We can learn what people are going through, meet people and communicate. If we briefly touch on the important years of social media;

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