Free Video Editing Programs

Today, the use of social media is a big part of our lives. The e-commerce industry is growing unpredictably. This area is very popular not only for companies but also for individual uses. When this is the case, the importance of producing content increases for businesses or people engaged in e-commerce activities. Generally, businesses engaged in e-commerce activities prepare videos to promote their products. It makes it inevitable to use Video Editing Program. We will be telling you about free video editing programs under this title.

Free video editing programs that you can use from your computer, tablet and even mobile phones to prepare professional content are of great benefit to you. With Free Video Editing Programs, you can perform many operations such as video cutting and video merging, color and image settings, adding subtitles or editing transitions, without paying a monthly or annual fee. We have compiled some of these programs for you:

This program is especially useful for users who do not have much experience in the field of video editing software freeware. Although it has limited features, unlike other Professional Video Editing Program Free, the probability of encountering an error is very low and the rendering (final presentation) time is very fast.

VirtualDub is one of the most preferred programs. It does not have all the features of a professional video editor, but it offers easy use and can easily meet the demands of many users. Here are some features you can use while editing your videos with VirtualDub Free Video Editing Programs:

  • Video Split/Merge,
  • Video rotate/Compress,
  • Add/Remove sound,
  • Adding subtitles and logo,
  • Contrast/Brightness adjustment.

DaVinci Resolve Program, which offers more tools for your video editing, has two options, free and paid. Since the free option allows you to take advantage of almost every feature of the program, we wanted to include it among Free Video Editing Programs.

You can download the program, which you can use on Windows, Mac and Linux, from the manufacturer’s Blackmagic Design website. It includes features such as multi-user collaboration, HDR grading, film grain, stereoscopic 3D tools, blur and fog effects. Suitable for all your editing work, except for the work of a professional film studio.

LightWorks, which is on the free scale of the best video editing program, was a paid program, but it was made free. Users agree that LightWorks has a very high performance compared to many paid programs. However, LightWorks is a bit more complex than the other Free Video Editing Programs we mentioned.

Although it takes a long time to learn to use the program, you will be able to run your business professionally after learning it. In the program that you can use on Mac and Windows operating systems; real-time effects, multi-camera editing, extensive codec support, intuitive controls.

Openshot is a program especially suitable for beginners. It can be used easily in Linux operating system, but it is suitable for Windows and Mac operating systems. Thanks to its easy use, you can quickly master the program.

In addition to trimming, splitting and shortening the videos, it also allows you to edit green screen shots.

Shotcut, which is a simple free video editing program among the open source platform video editing programs, also offers wide video format options. Besides the possibility of editing in video formats such as 4K, FFmpeg, ProHes, DnxD, it is available for use in Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. Shotcut Free Video Editing Programs allow you to edit your videos as follows:

  • Trim/merge videos,
  • Add text,
  • Changing the video stream rate,
  • Different speed effects for audio and video clips
  • 4K resolution support.

We made a compilation of Free Video Editing Programs. You can produce content by using recommended programs in many areas such as increasing the visibility of your company, making your personal accounts interesting, supporting your individual e-commerce activities or conducting your studies on social issues. In order to make your use more efficient, choosing the most suitable program for your studies and concentrating on it will facilitate your learning process and expand your production scale.

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