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Facebook Live Streaming Guide and Suggestions

How would you like to improve your Facebook Live Stream and find answers to your questions? I have plenty of tips and examples for you in my article.

The live video feature came to Facebook after platforms such as Periscope and Meerkat and started to appeal to a significant audience since February 2016. After the Live Broadcast feature coming to Instagram, a sweet competition started between these two social media.

Facebook’s live broadcast feature is very easy to use, just like Instagram.

In order to broadcast live, you must first have a Facebook account. In order to create and broadcast your Facebook live video completely free of charge, you can start broadcasting by clicking the “live broadcast” button after typing a description.

Thanks to the Facebook live broadcast feature, you will have the opportunity to record up to 90 minutes, as well as measure the instantaneous reactions of your audience. As the audience transfers their likes and comments, you have the opportunity to receive notifications from Facebook.

On the other hand, Facebook also supports you to gain additional audience by keeping your live broadcast at the top of the news feed. For those who missed the live broadcast, the video recording is waiting for your viewers as pinned in your profile.

Facebook’s live broadcast feature is also very useful for promoting a new product or project and creating question and answer events about them. Thanks to this feature, it is also possible for institutions to communicate with customers more easily and to produce faster solutions. The Facebook live broadcast feature eliminates distances and makes it easier for you to establish emotional bonds.

Here’s what you need to consider to make a more powerful Facebook live broadcast

2.1 Use a Strong Connection

If possible and your infrastructure allows, try to use a strong Internet connection. Make sure that WiFi signals are efficiently received by your device and that your Internet speed is suitable for broadcast quality. If your Internet connection drops, do not panic, Facebook will provide interaction to connect you back to the broadcast. If you are not successful, try to establish an alternative Internet connection to continue the broadcast.

2.2 Use Different Angles

If you want to view different things around you during the broadcast, you can change your angle. Before changing angles, I recommend alerting your viewers for a smooth transition.

2.3 Move Slowly

When you want to turn the camera to another place during the live broadcast, avoid making sudden movements, change the direction of the camera with slow movements and reach the target point. Fast movements will cause the image to deteriorate for a while during the broadcast and cause the audience to lose their pleasure.

2.4 Realize the Importance of the Microphone

Thanks to the developing technology, we all use tablet computers or mobile phones. As anyone who records with these devices in any way realizes; Just because the person in front of you can hear you does not mean that the microphone will pick up your voice in the same way and with clarity. That’s why you can ask the audience at infrequent intervals during the broadcast whether your voice is clear. On the other hand, by purchasing an external microphone, you can increase the quality of your broadcast and make it easier for the audience to understand the live stream. In this way, you will get rid of the bad effects of background sounds in the outdoor environment.

2.5 Keep Background Sounds to a Minimum

If there is a noise, human speech or music that suppresses the sound you want to broadcast in the environment you are shooting, you should change the environment and try to reduce the background sounds. On the other hand, raising your own voice and suppressing outside sounds can be another alternative. If there’s a background noise and you’re not sure if your voice is sounding on the air, don’t hesitate to ask the audience.

2.6 Avoid Short-Term Live Streaming

Presenting live stream videos under five minutes does not produce successful results. It will be healthier for you to keep your live broadcast videos longer and get more audience.

2.7 Announce When You’re Going On The Air

If you are going to broadcast a pre-planned live broadcast on Facebook, sharing an announcement with your audience a certain time before the broadcast will support a larger number of your audience. You can notify your target audience of the live broadcast via e-mail or social media shares, and you can make them plan accordingly and watch you during the broadcast time.

2.8 Use a Good Description

In order for your Facebook live broadcast video to be played more, it will be useful to write something good in the description that will make the video attractive. Keep the explanation as short as possible, but while trying to keep it short, do not forget to include the important points in the explanation. If you think you made a mistake while writing the description, you have the chance to go back and edit the description later.

2.9 Choose the Right Time

Being able to start a live broadcast at the right time for your target audience will undoubtedly increase the accessibility of the broadcast significantly. From the settings of your Facebook page, you can see the most active time zones of your audience and choose your broadcast hours accordingly.

2.10 Give People Time to Join the Stream

Remember that once you start a live broadcast, it is not possible for everyone to start following you at the same time, from the first second. Therefore, try to spend the first three minutes of the live broadcast with insignificant but fun and annoying introductory sentences so that your other followers do not feel a great lack when they join the live broadcast. For example, to pass the time, you can introduce yourself first and explain why you feel the need to make such a broadcast.

2.11 Be a Good Presenter

To make the live broadcast attractive, you need to have strong eloquence. In order to have a good effect on the audience, you should make a smooth speech and stay away from sloppy and irregular sentences. If you represent a business, you should wear an image that will not damage the image of the organization during the live broadcast.

2.12 Be Comfortable and Knowledgeable

Facebook live broadcasts have an important place in terms of reaching the audience for brands. For this reason, the person representing the brand – who is in front of the screen – should be comfortable and knowledgeable, be able to answer the questions correctly, not panic during the broadcast, and act calmly when faced with something he does not know.

2.13 Follow Reviews

Follow the comments and questions frequently during the live broadcast. While it’s hard to follow this on air, it’s worst case scenario.

As for the answers I gave to the questions from you for the Facebook Live Broadcast;

3.2 How Do I Draw on My Facebook Live Stream Video?

To draw on your Facebook Live Stream Video, first start your stream and click or tap on the icon that looks like a magic stick. Then tap on the pencil icon and choose a color. Start drawing on your video with your fingertips.

3.1 How do I add a Filter to my Facebook Live Stream Video?

To add filters to your Facebook Live Stream Video, first start your stream and click or tap on the icon that looks like a magic stick. Then slide the following options to the left and tap the filter you want.

3.3 How Do I Turn Off Comments On My Facebook Live Stream Video?

To hide or close the incoming comments during the live broadcast, you can hover over the incoming comment and push it to the right.

3.4 Can the Streamer See Me When I Watch a Previously Streamed Facebook Live Stream Video?

During the live broadcast, the people participating in the broadcast can be seen by “people who broadcast and watch”. After the broadcast ends, sometimes Facebook can show the watched broadcast to the person who broadcast it. This feature is not available to all users using personal accounts and is still in testing.

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