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Website Traffic from United Kingdom

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100% Real & Unique Traffic
Desktop Traffic 45-55%
Mobile Traffic 45-55%
Google Analytics Supported
Low bounce rates 15-20%
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No Adult, Drugs or other harmful websites allowed
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Website Traffic from United Kingdom

Organic traffic is extremely difficult to get. The presence of ads at the top of the organic results can cause the effort for organic traffic to be seen as a waste of time.

The effort for organic traffic is not a waste of time. Organic search traffic is an important part of your digital strategy.

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic means that visitors find your site by typing various words and choose your site from all the results, except advertising.

Within Google Analytics, this traffic directing is considered separately from all other traffic values, including direct, social, paid search and e-mail. Taking a look at your organic traffic values ​​is important to understand how your site is performing without ads and other campaigns.

By analyzing organic traffic, you identify the weaknesses of your site and digital strategy. For example, if there is a high bounce rate in organic traffic values ​​from mobile, then you should take a look at your site’s user experience and redesign your mobile site.

If you have made during the analysis of traffic you get from United Kingdom to Germany it is less traffic you get from your target audience and can tell you if you need to redirect their energy in United Kingdom, local SEO work.

5 Reasons Why Organic Search Traffic Matters

  1. It’s free. You may be working with an SEO expert, copywriter, or a video creator to create content. However, it is extremely important to optimize the contents as a result. Because organic traffic does not require any advertising budget or advertising work.
  2. Search algorithms receive positive signals. Organic traffic has a low bounce rate. Users coming through organic traffic prefer to stay on your site longer. There is an increase in the number of pages per session. None of these can be obtained from social media or paid traffic.
  3. It creates new business opportunities. Unless you are a big brand, it is not possible for your brand to survive only with awareness. By taking place in the search results, especially local ones, you can meet potential customers searching for your products and services.
  4. It has an accessible structure. For small businesses and new companies, the budget may be limited. You may not want to invest too much in paid campaigns. However, you can quickly start gaining domain name trust and ranking thanks to organic SEO.
  5. It is a strong foundation. If your site can be present in keywords with less competitive environment, you can use your existing advertising work in difficult to reach points. Thus, you can achieve difficult-to-reach points with advertising solutions.

When planning an organic traffic strategy, you shouldn’t neglect to take regular calls and voice calls into account. Many places, from shops to restaurants, from restaurants to larger brands, need to pay attention to optimization for voice search.

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