Office 2021 Professional License Key

$79.00 BM

There is no expiration date. It is an unlimited license.
It is delivered automatically after ordering.
Download files and installation instructions are sent to your e-mail address.

Things to pay attention

● It is an Individual Digital License Product.

● No Post Format Support.

● Valid for Single Windows computer.

What you need to know before Purchasing Office 2021 Professional License Key:

Office 2021 Professional License Key

Microsoft Office 2021 Pro Plus is one of the Microsoft products announced alongside Windows 11. Office 2021, where Office 2019 Pro is modernized and tools are easier to use, includes classic applications for business (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access).

Differences Between Office 2021 and Microsoft 365

You buy Office 2021 Pro Plus version for one time to use classic Office applications on your computer. If you do not need other services offered with a Microsoft 365 subscription, Office 2021 will be the right choice. Although Office 2021 will always receive updates, a free upgrade to a new version that will be released in the coming years cannot be provided.

To use Office 2021, at least Windows 10 operating system is required. Office 2021 Pro Plus will not work on Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and lower.

For stable operation of Office 2021 Pro, DirectX 10 graphics card, at least 2 GB RAM and 2-core processor are required. In addition, it is important to have an internet access so that you can receive updates. You need internet access to install and activate Office 2021 Pro. But after you fully install all Office applications on your computer, internet access is not required.

After purchasing Office 2021 Pro Plus, you can download the product by going to the official Office site and entering your license code.
Key benefits

All the apps that will meet your basic needs. Office Professional 2021; Intended for emerging small businesses that want classic Office applications in addition to Outlook, Publisher, and Access. Here is a 1-time purchase that is installed on PC for use.

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